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Ú×lNBhV–bV–LLBxV–ÇV–ÐV–ÚV–FACTS.DBDBQuestionQuestion1AnswerŽAfter what season did the Dodgers and Giants leave New York for California?1957Before moving to Yankee Stadium, where did the Yankees play their homegames?Polo GroundsChristy Mathewson won his last game for what National League team?CincinnattiErnie Banks won two National League MVP awards while with what team?Chicago Cubs ŽFor what American League city do the Brewers play?MilwaukeeFor what accomplishment is Larry Doby of the Cleveland Indians bestremembered?First black player in the American LeagueFrom 1935-1940, what was the name of the National League's Boston Braves?Boston BeesHank Aaron spent most of his career with the Braves, but he also spent twoseasons with what team?Milwaukee Brewers ŽHow many National League pennants have the Chicago Cubs won?10In 1934, what manager said "Brooklyn? Are they still in the league"?Bill TerryIn 1945, what club swept 19 doubleheaders and split 10?Chicago CubsIn what city do the California Angels play their home games?Aneheim€ƒI€ŽIn what city do the Texas Rangers play their home games?Arlington, TexasIn what city is Fenway Park located?BostonIn what city is the Astrodome located?HoustonIn what city was a crowd of 52,608 allowed in free to a game following the1981 baseball strikeSan Diegoee, Atlanta€ƒI€ŽIn what league and division do the Montreal Expos play?National League EastIn what place did the Mets finish in 1968, one season before they wereWorld Champions?NinthJust before moving to Atlanta, where did the Braves call home?MilwaukeeName the Met that Willie Mays was traded for in 1972.Charlie Williams ŽName the San Diego Padre's first manager.Preston GomezName the four players of the mid-1960 Dodgers' all-switch-hitting infield?Wes Parker (1b),Jim Lefebvre (2b),Jim Gilliam (3b),Maury Wills(ss)Name the television executive who became owner of the Atlanta Braves.Ted TurnerWhat American League president managed the Boston Red Sox for 13 seasons?Joe Cronin ŽWhat Baltimore Oriole set the major league record for most seasons playedwith the same club?Brooks Robinson (23)What National League team lost 452 games in its first four seasons?New York MetsWhat animal was the symbol of the old Philadelphia Athletics?ElephantWhat city did the Pilots represent in 1969?Seattle ŽWhat club ended Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak?ClevelandWhat did Brooklyn Dodger fans lovingly call their team?Dem BumsWhat did Lou Gehrig's fellow Yankees call him?BusterWhat famous sportswriter dubbed Yankee Stadium "The House That Ruth Built"?Frank Lieb CarleyKenMr. and Mrs. Ken1510 Alma Drive
ŽWhat former major league baseball owner lost his leg in 1946 as a resultof an injury he suffered in W.W. II?Bill VeeckWhat is Cincinnatti's National League baseball team called?RedsWhat is Cleveland's American League baseball team called?IndiansWhat is Minnesota's American League baseball team called?Twins ŽWhat is New York's National League baseball team called?MetsWhat is the oldest ball park still in use in major league baseball?Chicago's Comiskey ParkWhat league and division do the San Diego Padres play in?National League WestWhat major league ballpark has the largest seating capacity?Municipal Stadium, Cleveland
ŽWhat major league ballpark has the smallest seating capacity with 33,536?Fenway ParkWhat major league in baseball is known as the Junior Circuit?The American LeagueWhat major league team plays its home games in Shea Stadium?New York MetsWhat team lost an American League record 117 games in 1916?Philadelphia Athletics
ŽWhat team rallied from 11 1/2 games behind in August to win the 1973National League pennant?New York MetsWhat team rotated its coaches as managers in 1961 and 1962?Chicago CubsWhat team won consecutive pennants in 1906, 1907, and 1908?Chicago CubsWhat team's 1927 lineup was known as "Murderer's Row"?New York Yankees ŽWhat three National League cities have the Braves represented?Boston, Milwaukee, AtlantaWhat two major league teams traded managers in 1960?Detroit and Cleveland - (Jimmy Dykes and Joe Gordon)What was Boston's American League team called prior to the Red Sox?The PilgrimsWhat was Philadelphia's American League baseball team called?Athletics 
ŽWhat was the first non-U.S. team in Major League Baseball?Montreal ExposWhat was the first season that the Montreal Expos won more games than theylost?1979What was the first team to draw one million fans in a single season?New York Yankees (1920)What were the New York Yankees previously called?New York Highlanders €ŽWhat year did Yankee Stadium open?1923What year did the Chicago Cubs win their last pennant?1945What year did the San Diego Padres and Montreal Expos join theNational League?1969When Bowie Kuhn became commissioner in 1969, whom did he replace?William D. EckertŽWhere did the Cincinnatti Reds play their home games prior to movingto Riverfront Stadium?Crosley FieldWhere did the Pittsburgh Pirates play their home games prior to movingto Three Rivers Stadium?Forbes FieldWhere was the first major league night game played?Cincinnatti's Crosley FieldWhich teams played in the first televised major league baseball game?Brooklyn vs. Cincinnatti €ŽWho did Babe Ruth replace in right field for the Yankees?Sammy VickWho did Tom Lasorda succeed as manager of the Dodgers?Walter AlstonWho finished the 1981 season as Montreal Expos manager, leading them to thedivision series?Jim FanningWho owned the Boston Red Sox for 44 seasons?Tom Yawkey ŽWho replaced Lou Gehrig at first base for the Yankees?Babe DahlgrenWho said, "It's great to be young and a New York Giant"?Larry DoyleWho was Babe Ruth's successor in right field for the Yankees?George SelkirkWho was the first black player for the New York Yankees?Elston Howard ŽWho was the first manager of the New York Mets?Casey StengelWho was the manager of the 1957 world champion Milwaukee Braves?Fred HaneyWho was the manager of the 1960 world champion Pittsburgh Pirates?Danny MurtaughWho was the manager of the 1975-76 world champion Cincinnatti Reds?Sparky AndersonŽWho was the manager of the 1977 world champion Yankees?Billy MartinWho was the player-manager of the 1907-1908 world champion Cubs?Frank ChanceWho were the members of the Philadelphia Athletics' $100,000 infield?Stuffy McInnis, Eddie Collins, Jack Barry, "Home Run" BakerWhose headache allowed Lou Gehrig to crack the Yankee lineup in 1925?Wally PippŽWith what team did Babe Ruth begin his major league career?Boston Red SoxWith what team did Babe Ruth end his playing career?Boston BravesWith what team did Enos Slaughter end his playing career?Milwaukee BravesWith what team did Ty Cobb end his playing career?Philadelphia AthleticsŽWhat owner moved the Kansas City Athletics to Oakland?Charles O. FinleyWho was the Seattle Mariners' first manager?Darrell JohnsonWho managed the Washington Senators from 1969 to 1971 and the TexasRangers in 1972?Ted WilliamsPepper Martin played for what famous team?St. Louis Cardinals (The Gashouse Gang)ŽWhat former American League batting champion managed the expansionWashington Senators in their first season in 1961?Mickey VernonWho won 1,354 games and four American League pennants as a BaltimoreOriole manager?Earl WeaverHow many pennants did Connie Mack's Philadelphia Athletics win?9On what team did Tris Speaker finish his playing career?Philadelphia AthleticsŽWho succeeded the legendary Connie Mack as the Philadelphia Athleticsmanager?Jimmy DykesWhat was the first baseball team to regularly wear white baseball shoes?Kansas City AthleticsWhat team had 20-game losing streaks in 1916 and 1943?Philadelphia AthleticsWho was the Kansas City Athletics' last manager?Luke ApplingŽWho did the Angels trade to the Mets for Nolan Ryan and three otherplayers?Jim FregosiName two of the four players the Angels traded to the Minnesota Twinsfor Rod Carew?Dave Engle, Paul Hartzell, Brad Havens, Ken LandreauxWho has played the most games in a Philadelphia Phillies uniform?Richie AshburnDespite finishing fourth in 1977, which American League club lef theleague in batting average?Minnesota TwinsŽ"You Gotta Believe" was the motto of which club?1973 New York MetsPitcher Larry Sherry's brother, Norm, was a manager for what team?AngelsWhat St. Louis Brown was the first American Leaguer to hit three home runsin a nine-inning game?Ken Williams (1922)What team did the Boston Red Sox wallop, 29-4, on June 8, 1950?St. Louis BrownsŽWhat two teams made a trade involving 17 players prior to the 1955 season?Baltimore Orioles and New York YankeesIn 1912, what team held the first Ladies Day in the American League?St. Louis BrownsWhat team has at least one pitcher win 20 or more games in every season from1968 through 1980?Baltimore OriolesWhat was the franchise move of the 1950's?Boston Braves to Milwaukee prior to the 1953 season.