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Copyright (c) 1992 Timur Tabi
Copyright (c) 1992 Fasa Corporation

The following trademarks are the property of Fasa Corporation:
BattleTech, CityTech, AeroTech, MechWarrior, BattleMech, and 'Mech.
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#include "hexes.h"

typedef struct { // Data for the targetting mechanism
volatile BOOL fActive; // TRUE if we are drawing the targetting line
HEXINDEX hiStart; // The index of the starting hex
HEXINDEX hiEnd; // The index of the ending hex
POINTL ptlStart; // The X,Y coordinate of the line's origin
POINTL ptlEnd; // The X,Y coordinate of the line's end
float m; // The slope of the targetting line
float b; // The intercept of the targetting line
int dx; // = ptlEnd.x - ptlStart.x
HPS hpsLine; // The HPS for target-line drawing
HPS hpsHighlight; // The HPS for origin hex highlighting
HPS hpsPath;
TID tid; // Thread ID

#ifdef TARGET_C
#define EXTERN
#define EXTERN extern

EXTERN TARGET target; // User-controlled targetting
EXTERN HWND hwndInfoBox; // Info box shows angle, range, and visibility

#undef EXTERN

void TgtInitialize(HWND);
// Initializes the targetting structure

void TgtShutdown(void);
// Shuts the targetting mechanism down

void TgtStart(HEXINDEX);
// Activates targetting

void TgtEnd(void);
// Terminates targetting

void TgtMove(HEXINDEX);
// Moves the targetting line

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Archive   : VOL1N8.ZIP
Filename : TARGET.H

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