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This is the Info-ZIP file ``Where,'' last updated on 6 February 1994.

Note that some ftp sites may not yet have the latest versions of
Zip and UnZip when you read this. The latest versions, including
the crypt sources, are always in

SITE OWNERS: If you're listed in here but the information is not
correct (or if you're a big or overseas site but aren't listed at
all), please let us know! E-mail to zip-bugs at the address given
in README and we'll update this file.

Basic source-archive names for Info-ZIP's portable Zip, UnZip, and related
utilities (on some ftp sites, the .zip files may have a .zoo equivalent
in Zoo 2.10 format): Zip 2.0.1 (deflation; includes zipnote, zipsplit)
zip201.tar.Z ditto, compress'd tar format Zip 1.1 (shrinking, implosion; compatible with PKUNZIP 1.1)
zip11.tar.Z ditto, compress'd tar format UnZip 5.1 (all methods supported; includes zipinfo, funzip)
unzip51.tar.Z ditto, compress'd tar format WizUnZip 2.0 sources for Windows 3.x; based on UnZip 5.0p1 encryption/decryption support (includes zipcloak)

Related archives and files: complete changes history of UnZip and precursors MSDOS executables and docs for zip, zipnote, zipsplit MSDOS encryption executables and docs for zip, zipcloak
unzip51.exe MSDOS self-extracting executable (contains unzip, docs) OS/2 1.x 16-bit executables and docs OS/2 2.x 32-bit executables and docs
unz51x1.exe OS/2 1.x 16-bit executables and docs
unz51x2.exe OS/2 2.x 32-bit executables and docs VMS executables and docs for zip, zipnote, zipsplit
unz51vms.exe VMS executable for unzip VMS executable for funzip; documentation

mac-unzip-51.hqx Macintosh executable (unzip only, zip not done yet). WizUnZip 2.0 executable/docs for Windows & NT 3.1, OS/2 2.1 same as, plus two DLLs for Win 3.0 and OS/2 2.0

pkz204g.exe MS-DOS PKZIP/PKUNZIP 2.04g (self-extracting archive)
pkz110eu.exe MS-DOS PKZIP/PKUNZIP 1.1 (self-extracting)
pkz102-2.exe OS/2 PKZIP/PKUNZIP 1.02 (self-extracting)

ftp sites for the US-exportable sources and executables:

NOTE: Look for the file names given above in the following
directories. Some sites like to use slightly different names,
such as zip-2.0.1.tar-z instead of zip201.tar.Z, or MacUnZip-5.1.hqx
instead of mac-unzip-51.hqx. In the case of some comp.sources.misc
archive sites, directories may be used (zip201/part01.Z ... part11.Z,
zip201/patch01.Z, etc.). [THIS MIRRORS THE INFO-ZIP HOME SITE]{2_x,all}/archiver/...{2_x,all}/archiver/...

ftp sites for the encryption and decryption sources and/or executables:

NOTE 1: Non-US users, please do NOT ftp from the US sites (US
regulations and all that). Likewise, US users, please do not
ftp from the European sites (it's not illegal, but it sure is
a waste of expensive bandwidth).

NOTE 2: Some sites may carry both encryption and non-encryption
executables with slightly different names; for example,
instead of ("c" == crypt version). Other sites may
include *only* the encryption-related executables (zip and zipcloak)
in a second archive (e.g.,

From the US:

Outside the US:
(mail server at [email protected])

ftp sites for VMS-format Zip/UnZip package (sources and executables, no
encryption/decryption--see also "Mail servers" section below):*

The ZIP-UNZIP package for VMS is available via anonymous ftp from []; the following files are needed:


VMS sources and object files are also available from vmsnet.sources
archives (e.g.,[.mailserv.zip_unzip]*.*).

To find other ftp sites:

The "archie" ftp database utility can be used to find an ftp site
near you. If you don't know how to use it, DON'T ASK US--check the
Usenet groups news.newusers.questions or news.answers or some such,
or ask your system administrator (or just RTFM 🙂 ).

UUCP sites:

uunet!~/pub/archiving/zip/ ...

Bulletin boards (commercial and otherwise):

Sources, MS-DOS executables:
CompuServe IBMPRO forum, Library 10, Data Compression (,
sources; unz51.exe, self-extracting executables and docs)
CompuServe (ZiffNet) PBSUTIL forum and Public Brand Software BBS
[US, membership required; V.32 line, (317) 856-1490]
(, sources; unz51.exe, self-extracting exes and docs)
Drealm Conference System [London, UK; V.22bis, subscriber lines
to V.32bis, etc.; (+44) 81 568 2204]
Compulink Information eXchange (CIX) [UK ... details?]

Windows sources and executables:
CompuServe ZENITH forum (, WizUnZip exe + libs for
Win 3.x, NT, OS/2 2.x)
CompuServe CRAFTS forum (wunz20.exe, WizUnZip bare executable
for Win 3.1, NT, OS/2 2.1)

OS/2 executables:
CompuServe OS2USER forum ( and unz51.exe, OS/2 16-
and 32-bit exes and docs)

Amiga executables:
BIX in AMIGA files section (perform keyword search on "info-zip")
[requires account; telnet, or "C BIX" via local Sprint
X.25 PAD, or dial direct in US at (617) 491-5410]

Atari executables:
Gilligan's Island [V.32, 24 hours/day, etc.; (519) 895-1294]
GEnie in Atari ST RoundTable

Mail servers:

If you don't have anonymous FTP capability, you can mail one
of the following commands (in the body of an e-mail message) to
[email protected] or [email protected] in order to
get a copy via e-mail:

/pdget mail /pub/misc/unix/unzip51.tar.Z uuencode
/pdget mail /pub/misc/unix/ uuencode

The older, pseudo-TOPS-20 style also works:

/pdget mail pd:unzip51.tar.Z uuencode
/pdget mail uuencode

[NOTE: As of 28 Jan 94, the NoDak server still had a minor bug in
its code which prevented it from finding files with more than one
dot in their names. The RPI server had just fixed this bug, and in
all likelihood the NoDak server will be fixed before you read this.]

To get the encryption source by e-mail, send the following commands
to [email protected]:

get /pub/utils/archiver/

To get the VMS Zip/UnZip package by e-mail, send the following
commands in the body of a mail message to [email protected]
(the "HELP" command is also accepted):


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