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STRT_VDM.EXE a command line utility for starting Virtual Dos Machines(VDM)
from a native DOS image.

This program is FreeWare. It is provided as is and the author accepts
no liability from the use of this p

This small executable allows you to start DOS images from the command line
for backups and other applications needing a particular version of DOS.
This allows you to start them from .CMD files or at an OS/2 prompt. The
program requires the presence of PM so it CANNOT be started from a RUN
statement in CONFIG.SYS.

/Iimage Give the name of the image file here. Include the complete
path to the file and complete file name. The image file
is created using VMDISK.EXE. See OS/2 help on creating the
image. Maximum of 254 characters

/Ttitle The title for the windowed DOS box. Maximum 78 characters.

/Ssetup Any additional DOS settings needed for the VDM to operate.
See the DOS settings for various parameters. The parameters
must be listed as SET PARM=setting;. Each parameter
statement must end with a semicolon ";". Because of the
required SET before the parameter enclose the complete statement
in double quotes "" so it will be treated as one command line
option. Maximum 510 characters.

to start an image on E drive and title the window DOS
STRT_VDM /ie:\dos5.img /tDOS

to start the same image and title it DOS 5
STRT_VDM /Ie:\dos5.img "/TDOS 5"

Start the same image and set the IDLE_SECONDS to zero.

Do not place spaces between the switches and the command. Be
sure all additional parameters are ended with semicolons. The
image name and title are required. Be consistant with the name if
you plan to use this regularly. The program creates an object in
the hidden folder. It replaces any prior object with the same
title. If you keep changing the title you will create multiple
hidden objects taking up disk space for their parameters.

Special thanks to Michael Lamb and Rick McGuire for their examples in
CRTOBJ.TXT for using REXX to create system objects.

See the file KILVDM.ZIP for a way to exit a DOS Image VDM.

See the file DOS5-I.TXT for ideas on how to start other applications with
the AUTOEXEC.BAT file saved with your DOS image file.

Brought to you by
Bryan Walker
Memphis, Tn.
CS ID 70304,2705

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