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OS/2 Work Place Shell Sample Program

Copyright (C) 1993 IBM Corporation

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES. The following [enclosed] code is
sample code created by IBM Corporation. This sample code is
not part of any standard or IBM product and is provided to you
solely for the purpose of assisting you in the development of
your applications. The code is provided "AS IS", without
warranty of any kind. IBM shall not be liable for any damages
arising out of your use of the sample code, even if they have
been advised of the possibility of such damages.


Here is a list of problems encountered while writing various
subclasses of the WPS hierarchy. Where possible, workarounds
have been documented. Boca is aware of these problems and plans
to address them after 2.1 has shipped.

The problems below are known to be accurate as of 04/12/93.
Later releases of OS/2 may have corrected all or some of these

Problem 1:

WPS subclasses the hwndFrame window passed in on the
wpRegisterView, and also will subclass the owner of the hwndCnr
passed in on wpCnrInsertObject. The WPS container owner
subclass handles many of the WM_CONTROL (CN_) notification
messages from the container control to provide standard WPS
object behavior, eg, drag/drop and pop-up menus.

After calling wpRegisterView, the container owner frame
window procedure subclass chain looks like this:

1. WPS container owner subclass procedure, first, followed by
2. Your frame subclass, followed by
3. WC_FRAME, followed by
4. WinDefWindowProc last.

ADDRBKV.C has example code that shows how (1) and (2) can be
reversed so your window procedure gets messages before the WPS
container owner subclass window procedure. Putting your window
procedure before the WPS is part of the workaround for "Problem
7" below.

There is no direct API to access the WPS container owner
subclass window procedure (ie, it is not a registered window
class like WC_FRAME).

Indirectly the WPS container owner subclass window procedure can
be accessed by calling wpCnrInsertObject, which subclasses the
container owner, or wpRegisterView, which also subclasses the
container owner.

One possible long-term solution is to provide a
"wpCnrRegisterOwner" API for frame owners of containers. Note
that WPS container owners MUST be subclasses of WC_FRAME!

Workaround for Problem 1:

Either call wpCnrInsertObject followed by wpCnrRemoveObject
(for example, inserting/removing the desktop object), or
call wpRegisterView, followed by WinSubclassWindow. See
ShrOpenAddressBook in ADDRBKV.C.

Problem 2:

The WPS container owner subclass window procedure assumes
FID_CLIENT is a container. If you need more than one WPS object
container in a dialog, you must create a "dummy" frame owner
who has a single child window, a container with ID FID_CLIENT.

Possible long-term solution is to have the WPS container owner
subclass window procedure keep track of the ID or hwnd of its
owned container.

Problem 3:

The wpCnrRemoveObject method always invalidates the record.
This causes excessive redraw when removing several objects in

Workaround for Problem 3:

Use WinEnableWindowUpdate(hwndCnr,FALSE), remove all of your
objects with "wpCnrRemoveObject(OBJECT_FROM_PREC(pMiniRecord),
hwndCnr)", followed by WinShowWindow(hwndCnr,TRUE). See
ShrEmptyObjectCnr in SHARE.C for more details.

Possible long-term solution is to add a flInvalidateRecord flag
to wpCnrRemoveObject or add a wpCnrRemoveMultObjects API.

Problem 4:

The "open folders" list shown on the "Opened" page of the
"Copy...", "Move...", and "Create shadow..." dialogs do not
include open alternative folder views. Only the open standard
folder views of Icon, Details, and Tree are shown.

Workaround for Problem 4:


Problem 5:

Subfolders inherit their default view from their parent folder.
If a new parent folder view is defined, the subfolders do not
open when double-clicked because they don't support the view of
the parent.

Workaround for Problem 5:

Don't subclass wpclsQueryDefaultView or wpQueryDefaultView
in your alternative folder view (ie, return one of the
standard folder views: Icon, Details, or Tree).

Problem 6:

Alternative folder views are not notified when an object is
added or removed from the folder.

Workaround for Problem 6:

Subclass from ShrFolder, which adds the methods
shrAddedToContent and shrRemovedFromContent.

Problem 7:

Help is not displayed for objects inserted into a container
with wpCnrInsertObject.

Workaround for Problem 7:

Intercept WM_CONTROL (CN_HELP) in your frame container owner.
Get the WPS object with OBJECT_FROM_PREC, followed by
wpQueryDefaultHelp and then wpDisplayHelp. See "Problem 1"
above for more details.

Problem 8:

The 'Selected' menu bar choice defined by CUA is very difficult
to implement.

Workaround for Problem 8:

None. Menu bars can be added to the frame of a container owner
only with great care. Setting the owner of the menu bar to be
the system menu appears to avoid confusing the WPS container
owner subclass window procedure.

Problem 9:

New base classes cannot be defined (WPAbstract, WPTransient,
WPFileSystem). Defining a DIRECT subclass of WPObject hangs the

Workaround for Problem 9:


Problem 10:

The hwndCnr parameter is NULLHANDLE if a pop-up request is made
on the "whitespace" of an open view. It should be the handle of
the container requesting the pop-up menu (eg, to use it to
display a different pop-up menu for different views). Same is
true for wpFilterPopupMenu.

Workaround for Problem 10:


Problem 11:

WPS sometimes copies subclasses of WPFileSystem directly using
the DosCopy API (ie, bypassing the wpCopyObject method). These
"sneaky copies" don't allow the subclass an opportunity to
update its internal data. That is, some of its data cannot be
copied byte for byte, it has to be updated for the new copy.

Workaround for Problem 11:

Make the object class style CLSSTYLE_NEVERCOPY to prevent WPS
from calling DosCopy.

A long-term solution might be for WPS to provide a new class

Problem 12:

A hang (infinite loop) results if an object is inserted with
wpCnrInsertObject and is then deleted from another open view.

Workaround for Problem 12:

The problem has been reported to Boca. In the meantime, call
ShrCheckForDeletedObject in your frame container owner subclass
at the beginning of your window procedure for each message it

See ShrFrameCnrOwnerWndProc in SHARE.C for more details.

Problem 13:

Not really a problem per se, but there should be a
wpclsQueryObjectFromID method. Today, you have to use
WinQueryObject to get the HOBJECT followed by wpclsQueryObject.
WinQueryObject causes a cross process switch.

Problem 14:

Suppose address book subclass of folder is created. It displays
a new alternative folder view who's window structure is:


WPS assumes containers which contain WPS objects are direct
children of the frame and that the container has an ID of
FID_CLIENT. Since the notebook is needed between the frame and
the container, an extra frame, hwndFrameCnrOwner, was created.
This works pretty well for most scenarios, except when bringing
up the pop-up menu of the address book by MB2 on the whitespace
of hwndCnr.

In version 2.0 ONLY (GA and GA+SP), this results in the wrong
owner being set and 'Copy', 'Move' etc WM_COMMAND messages being
sent to the wrong frame (the desktop). So "Copy..." selected
from the address book actually displays a dialog titled "Drive
C" as the folder, and "OS/2 2.0 Desktop" as the source.

Note that in both versions (2.0 and 2.1 beta), the pop-up menu
emphasis is not shown for this scenario.

Problem 14:

Cannot update details view when underlying object data
defined in a subclass changes.

Workaround for Problem 14:

Call ShrCnrRefreshDetails (defined in SHRFOLDR.H). See
NOTIFY.C for an example.

Problem 15:

The iPosition parameter in the _wpInsertPopupMenuItems method is

Workaround for Problem 15:

Use the menu messages directly, eg, MM_INSERTITEM.

Problem 16:

Multiple WPS subclasses in the same DLL would sometimes be
spontaneously unloaded by WPS on OS/2 2.0 GA causing
a trap.

Workaround for Problem 16:

Have each class in a separate DLL, or upgrade to OS/2 2.1.

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