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#: 32322 S3/Object Technology
21-May-93 09:04:52
Sb: #32303-WPS SHR93
Fm: Dan Kehn [IBM] 74140,3263
To: Werner Geiger 100022,1703 (X)

You can deregister the SHR93 classes by deleting all instances of it, then use
REXX to deregister the class, eg:

/* */
Call RxFuncAdd 'SysLoadFuncs', 'RexxUtil', 'SysLoadFuncs';
Call SysLoadFuncs;

rc = SysDeregisterObjectClass('ShrPerson');
rc = SysDeregisterObjectClass('ShrAddressBook');
rc = SysDeregisterObjectClass('ShrFolder');

From what you describe, I think you are having problem #16 documented in
WPS-PGM.TXT. The easy workaround is to always keep one instance of a 'Person'
object and 'Address Book' object on the desktop (the traps you're seeing occur
because the WPS is erroneously unloading the class DLL thinking that it is no
longer needed, leaving WPS objects with pointers to code that is no longer in
memory). You may want to try this workaround before giving up on SHR93.

I apologize for the trouble SHR93 has caused you, I should have mentioned this
problem more prominently in the README.TXT. From what I've seen, the problem
is fixed in OS/2 2.1 (and I've heard in GA+SP, but I haven't verified that).

Dan Kehn [IBM]

PS: If for some reason deregistering doesn't work, just delete the SHARE.DLL
(you may have to boot the install diskette). If WPS can't find the
class DLL, it won't create any instances of the class. Don't forget to
remove the address book subdirectory (eg, "rd C:\OS!2_2.0_D\ADDRESSB").

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Archive   : SHR93.ZIP
Filename : SHR93.TXT

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