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local.h -- miscellaneous definitions

typedef unsigned short WORD;
typedef unsigned short BOOL;
typedef char far *ASCIIZ;
typedef unsigned long ULONG;
typedef double FLOAT;
typedef WORD (far *FN)();
typedef ASCIIZ (far *STRFN)();
typedef char (far *BYTEFN)();
typedef WORD (far *WORDFN)();
typedef ULONG (far *LONGFN)();
typedef FLOAT (far pascal *FLOATFN)();

#define FP_SEG(p) ((WORD) ((ULONG) (p) >> 16))
#define FP_OFF(p) ((WORD) (p))

#define isdigit(c) ((c) >= '0' && (c) <= '9')

#ifndef NEAR
#define NEAR near
#define PASCAL pascal
#define VOID void

#define LOCAL static

Example 1: Expressive functions

WORD alias = loadmodule("ALIAS");
PFN listsyn = (PFN) getprocaddr(module, "LIST_SYN");
if (listsyn)


PFN listsyn;
if (listsyn = (PFN) procaddr("ALIAS", "LIST_SYN"))

Example 2: Assembly language equivalent

PUSH "Goodbye"
PUSH "_printf"
CALL loadmodule
; loadmodule consumed "CRTLIB"
; and produced handle to crtlib
CALL getprocaddr
; getprocaddr consumed crtlib-handle and "_printf"
; and produced pointer to printf on top of stack
; "Goodbye" is still on stack
CALL [top of stack]
POP retval from _printf

Example 3: Legal calls to the interpreter

calldll viocalls VIOWRTTTY "hello world" 11 0
calldll doscalls DosBeep 2000 300
calldll doscalls 50 2000 300 ; DOSBEEP
calldll doscalls DosMkDir \foobar 0L
calldll doscalls DosRmDir \foobar 0L
calldll pmwin WINQUERYACTIVEWINDOW 1L 0 %lu
calldll crtlib _printf "goodbye world: %lu" 666L
calldll crtlib SQRT -1.0 %f
calldll crtlib _toupper 'b' %c
calldll jpilib FIO$Exists 12 CALLDLL.EXE

Example 4: Arguments already on the stack

switch (retval_typ)
case typ_string: printf(mask, ((STRFN) f)()); break;
case typ_word: printf(mask, f()); break;

Example 5: Associating ASCIIZ names with function pointers

"", 0,
"DosGetProcAddr", DosGetProcAddr,
"DosGetPrty", DosGetPrty,
} ;

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Archive   : RUNDLL.ZIP
Filename : LOCAL.H

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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