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REXXPACK -- Rexx Optimization Program, Version 1.0a
(c) Innovative Business Technologies, Inc, 1991
All Rights Reserved

August 6, 1991

Please refer all questions, comments, or license fees to:

Mark Ramsey
Innovative Business Technologies, Inc.
Suite 1000
65 East State Street
Columbus, OH 43215


COMPUSERVE 74005,1637

You may copy and distribute this program freely, provided that:

1) No fee is charged for such copying and distribution.
2) It is distributed ONLY in its original, unmodified state.
3) It is not distributed as part of any commercial product or service.

If you like this program, and find it of use, then your contribution
will be appreciated. You may not use this product in a commercial
environment or a govermental organization without paying a license
fee of $35. For information regarding site license agreements,
please contact the address listed above. Upon receipt of your
license fee, IBT will send RexxUnPk, which will unpack any Rexx
program that has been optimized.

If you do not feel this program is of value, or do not wish to abide
by the terms of the agreement, please erase the programs and look for
another BBS file to download.

REXXPACK infile.ext outfile.ext

infile.ext - Name of standard Rexx command file

outfile.ext - Name of optimized file to create

RexxPack will read infile.ext and create outfile.ext as an optimized
Rexx program. The new outfile.ext will be a single line Rexx program
that will run faster. The new program will also be difficult to
change. It is not completely compiled, but it is all on a single line.
You should in normal cases use CMD as the extension on the file. You
can, however, use any extension.

RexxPack will work with both OS/2 and host Rexx programs. To
optimize a host program, first download it as an ASCII text file,
then run RexxPack, then upload again as ASCII text. You will need to
extend the Lrecl on the upload to handle the full size of the file.