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title REBOOTDR.ASM -- Installable device driver for OS/2 reboot

; By Mitch Stuart and Paul Chen
; Reference: TEMPLATE.ASM, Page 377, in Ray Duncan's "Advanced
; OS/2 Programming," Microsoft Press, 1989.
; To assemble and link:
; masm rebootdr.asm;
; link rebootdr,rebootdr.sys,,os2,rebootdr
; Apparently some versions of the linker will call the resulting file
; "REBOOTDR.DLL" even though we specifed ".SYS" on the command line.
; In this case, just rename REBOOTDR.DLL to REBOOTDR.SYS and it will
; work fine.
; To install, add the line "DEVICE=REBOOTDR.SYS" to the CONFIG.SYS file.
; To reboot, type REBOOT2. REBOOT2.EXE is a program file that simply
; attempts to open the device "REBOOTZZ", thus causing the machine to
; reboot.
; Description:
; This device driver gets installed at boot time. It sets up a
; dummy character device driver called "REBOOTZZ". Then, when an
; application opens the device "REBOOTZZ", this driver gets control.
; It calls one of the DevHlp functions to get the system reboot
; vector, and then jumps to that address, causing the system to reboot.
maxcmd equ 26

stdin equ 0
stdout equ 1
stderr equ 2

cr equ 0dh
lf equ 0ah

GetDosVar equ 24h
GetRebootVector equ 5

extrn DosWrite:far


_DATA segment word public 'DATA'

; ***** Device driver header

header dd -1
dw 8880h
dw Strat ; our "stragegy" entry point
dw 0
db 8 dup (0)

; ***** Device driver variables

devhlp dd ? ; DevHlp entry point
wlen dw ? ; DosWrite length

; ***** Dispatch table

dispch dw Init ; 0 Init driver
dw ReturnOK ; 1 Media check
dw ReturnOK ; 2 Build BPB
dw Error ; 3 not used
dw ReturnOK ; 4 Read
dw ReturnOK ; 5 Nondestructive read
dw ReturnOK ; 6 Return input status
dw ReturnOK ; 7 Flush input buffers
dw ReturnOK ; 8 Write
dw ReturnOK ; 9 Write with verify
dw ReturnOK ; 10 Return output status
dw ReturnOK ; 11 Flush output buffers
dw Error ; 12 not used
dw DevOpen ; 13 Open
dw ReturnOK ; 14 Close
dw ReturnOK ; 15 Removable media
dw ReturnOK ; 16 Generic IOCTL
dw ReturnOK ; 17 Reset media
dw ReturnOK ; 18 Get logical drive
dw ReturnOK ; 19 Set logical drive
dw ReturnOK ; 20 Deinstall
dw Error ; 21 not used
dw ReturnOK ; 22 Partitionable fixed disks
dw ReturnOK ; 23 Get fixed disk unit map
dw Error ; 24 not used
dw Error ; 25 not used
dw Error ; 26 not used

ident db cr,lf
db 'OS/2 reboot driver loaded. '
db 'Type REBOOT2 to reboot system.'
db cr,lf
ident_len equ $ - ident

_DATA ends

_TEXT segment word public 'CODE'

assume cs:_TEXT,ds:DGROUP,es:NOTHING

Strat proc far
mov di,es:[bx+2] ; get command code
and di,0ffh
cmp di,maxcmd ; supported command?
jle Strat1 ; yes
call Error ; unsupported command
jmp Strat2

Strat1: add di,di ; branch to command handler
call word ptr [di+dispch]

Strat2: mov es:[bx+3],ax ; return status code
Strat endp

DevOpen proc near

; Get the address of the reboot vector
mov dl,GetDosVar
mov al,GetRebootVector
call devhlp

; AX:BX now contains the reboot vector
; We want it to be in ES:BX for a far jump
mov es, ax

; Jump to vector and reboot
jmp dword ptr es:[bx]

; We should never get here, but return just in case ...
mov ax,0100h ; return "done" status
DevOpen endp

Error proc near ; set error bit, done status
mov ax,8103h ; and unknown command code
Error endp

ReturnOK proc near
mov ax,0100h ; return "done" status
ReturnOK endp

Init proc near
mov ax,es:[bx+14] ; get DevHlp entry point
mov word ptr devhlp,ax
mov ax,es:[bx+16]
mov word ptr devhlp+2,ax

; set offsets to end of code and data segments
mov word ptr es:[bx+14],offset _TEXT:Init
mov word ptr es:[bx+16],offset DGROUP:ident

; display sign-on message
push stdout
push ds
push offset DGROUP:ident
push ident_len
push ds
push offset DGROUP:wlen
call DosWrite

mov ax,0100h ; return "done"
Init endp

_TEXT ends


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