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This file lists bugs that may impede your use of PMView. Bugs in PMView are
listed first, followed by known bugs in OS/2.

There are no known bugs in PMView 0.85a. Please help us find some. We
welcome any and all bug reports at [email protected].

One big thing that looks like a bug in PMView is really a problem with
OS/2, namely:


PMView is fully multi-threaded. In versions before 0.85a, the thread
that handled file loading was by default an idle-time thread. We have
reversed this default, but if you're installing over an older version,
or if you select "Use _idle time loading and saving" (on the Special
page of PMView's Options notebook), please keep reading.

The advantage of using an idle-time thread is that you can open up
*lots* of copies of PMView simultaneously without slowing down your
system very much. The disadvantage is that there are some "greedy"
programs out there that use so much CPU that they essentially "block"
all idle-time threads from running. If you're doing a lengthy load
operation and then start one of these greedy programs, PMView will
"freeze" until you exit the greedy program. The load status indicator
bar will get "stuck" where it is; as soon as you quit the greedy
program, the load will continue normally.

Again, this will *only* apply if you enable idle-time loading and
saving. It *won't* happen if you leave the setting alone. But if you
want to experiment to see if you can get better performance, be aware
of the problem above. And also be aware that you can enable or disable
idle-time loading for a particular session by using /IDLE_LOAD or
/NO_IDLE_LOAD command-line flags.

* * *

Everything from here on is a bug in OS/2 and *not* in PMView.

PMView works fine under OS/2 *with* the Service Pack installed, under
preinstalled version 2.00.1, and under the December (6.479) beta of
OS/2 2.1. We do not know of a *single* person who has run PMView
successfully under the original shrinkwrapped OS/2 2.0 *before* adding
the Service Pack.

We do not recommend that you run PMView under the March (6.498) beta of
OS/2 2.1. Upgrade to the generally-available version of OS/2 2.1

As of this writing, OS/2 does *not* recover very gracefully if you run
out of swap space. Running *many* copies of PMView while viewing big
images may get you in trouble. (Remember, a 1024x768x256 image
represents 768K of pixel data alone!)

There's also a "feature" of OS/2's WPS that you might want to know
about. Suppose you associate *.GIF files with PMView. This means that
you'll be able to double-click on a *.GIF file (when you have a drives
object open, for instance) and PMView will start up and display that
file. The "feature" is this: If you start up PMView this way and then
do a _File _Delete, OS/2 will kill PMView shortly after the file gets
deleted. Peter is thinking of a workaround, but I don't think that
"fixing" this is a high priority. Please let me know if you disagree.

If you run under a screen driver that does not support Palette Manager,
you won't get very good results. As of this writing, the 32-bit
256-color drivers for the XGA, ET4000, Trident, and ThinkPad 700C are
known to support Palette Manager. (These drivers are available in the
Service Pack or OS/2 2.1.) I am told that OS/2 2.1 includes Palette
Manager support for several other adapters, including the 8514/a.

If you are running the release version of OS/2 2.1, you can stop
reading: ALL of the bugs listed below have been fixed. (Way to go,
IBM!) If you are still running OS/2 2.0 + SP, or an OS/2 2.1 beta
version, keep reading. The surest fix for these bugs is to acquire the
release version of OS/2 2.1.

When you drop a menu down over a window that's using Palette Manager,
the obscured part of the window will later be redrawn with the wrong
colors. This is (partly) why we have the F5 function.

If you're using the Service Pack, and if you run a program (*any*
program, not just PMView) that changes the screen palette and then try
to move an icon on the OS/2 desktop, YOUR COMPUTER WILL HANG!!! Be
*very* careful if you want to try this out. This bug occurs on ET4000
systems using the Service Pack screen driver. It also occurs on Trident
systems using the Service Pack and the screen driver that was
distributed shortly afterwards. This bug is fixed in the December 2.1
beta and, of course, in the release version of OS/2 2.1.

This bug does *not* occur on the XGA, nor on the ThinkPad 700C.

The screen drivers for the ET4000, Trident 8900C, and ThinkPad do not
scale paletted bitmaps correctly. This is why we have our own scaling
routines built into PMView. You can disable these routines (by
selecting _View S_ettings, going to the Spe_cial page, and unchecking
the "Use PMView's _own scaling routines") to see the bugs firsthand.

Raja Thiagarajan / BUGS.DOC / 6-21-93 release

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