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:title.PM2You Graphics Remote Access Facility
:h1 res=001.Why you should register this product
This program is released as shareware. This means that you have the
software for a trial period, and after a reasonable evaluation time,
you register the product by paying a fee to the author, if you find
the program of use. Some limitations on how you can use this program
exists (see the section :link reftype=hd res=010.Important license information:elink. for more about
this). By registering this product you support the further development
of this program.:p.
:hp1.You will get the following benefits if you register&colon.:ehp1.
:li.You will get the most recent versions of PM2You, OS2You and M2Zmodem.
:li.You will get rid of the introduction screen with the delay, when
starting the program.
:li.You will be sleeping good tonight, without any bad conscience haunting you...

:h1 res=002.Introduction
PM2You is an add-on product for OS2You that allows you to remote control
your OS/2 Text, OS/2 Presentation Manager, DOS Text and graphics and
MS Windows programs. Please also read the OS2YOU.INF help file for
help about OS2You.:p.
PM2You will work with OS/2 1.2 or higher (including OS/2 2.x).:p.
Included in this package are several different programs except the
programs described in the OS2YOU.INF documentation.
:dl tsize=20.

:dt.:hp8.PM*.*:ehp8.:dd.PM2You graphics add-on
:dt.:hp8.WIN*.*:ehp8.:dd.WinTerm Windows graphics terminal emulator with mouse support
:dt.:hp8.TERM2*.*:ehp8.:dd.Terminal/2 PM graphics terminal emulator with mouse support
:dt.:hp8.LANTERM2.*:ehp8.:dd.LanTerm2 OS/2 Full screen graphics terminal emulator
:dt.:hp8.ZIP.DLL:ehp8.:dd.Compression module used by OS2You, PM2You, LanTerm2 and Terminal/2
:dt.:hp8.FTP*.*:ehp8.:dd.File transfer modules used by Terminal/2 and OS2FTP
:dt.:hp8.OS2FTP*.*:ehp8.:dd.File transfer utility

:h1 res=003.Installation
To run PM2You you must have OS2You installed first. For help about
installing OS2You please read the OS2YOU.INF file. PM2You is installed
by copying all the distribution files into a sub-directory (like C&colon.\OS2You).
All files with the extension DLL should be copied to a path specified in
your LIBPATH statement in your CONFIG.SYS file (like C&colon.\OS2\DLL). The
sub-directory with the PM2You files must be included in your PATH and
DPATH statements in your CONFIG.SYS.:p.
:hp8.Note that it is extremely important that the *.DLL files are
copied into a directory specified in your LIBPATH statement. Even if
you have the "." included in your LIBPATH statement, it is not sufficient
to leave the *.DLL files into the current directory.:p.
It is also important that the sub-directory is included in the PATH and
DPATH statements of your CONFIG.SYS file. It is not sufficient that
these environment variables are set in the session just before loading
It is important that both OS2You and the modems are set to be completely
transparent. This means that they must be communicating with 8 databits
and that Xon/Xoff handshaking is turned off.:p.

:h1 res=011.Performance tuning PM2You
:hp4.:hp5.Performance tuning PM2You:ehp5.:ehp4.:p.
To increase performance please consider the following options&colon.:p.
Do not use a bitmap (picture) as desktop background.:p.
Ensure that your desktop background (and other large color areas) are
drawn with solid colors and not dithered.:p.
Run at the lowest acceptable screen resolution (however note that
decreasing the amount of colors does not improve performance significantly,
you can use 256 colors without much performance penalty).:p.
Using modems with built in data compression (MNP5 or V.42") will not
improve performance as the PM2You data stream is very efficient (but
error correcting modems MNP4 or V.42 should be considered as the
PM2You data stream is sensitive for transmission errors).:p.

:h1 res=004.Starting PM2You
:hp4.:hp5.Starting PM2You:ehp5.:ehp4.:p.
After logging in to OS2You getting an OS/2 Command Prompt, you just issue
the command :hp8.PM:ehp8. and press Enter. After a while your terminal
should switch to graphics mode and present your PM Desktop.:p.
It is possible to let a user go directly to the PM Desktop by specifying
PM.EXE as the "Shell command" in the user profile.:p.
PM2You is used exactly as OS2You with the same keyboard mappings.
Especially note Esc-Tab (or Shift-Esc-Tab if you use LanTerm(2)) for
accessing the task list.

:h1 res=005.Using PM2You with DOS Windowed sessions
:hp4.:hp5.Using PM2You with DOS Windowed sessions:ehp5.:ehp4.:p.
When using PM2You, you can start and select a DOS Windowed session and
use it as usual. Remember that you should ensure that the KBFILTER.COM
program (included) is loaded (preferable in your AUTOEXEC.BAT). You can
run both DOS Text and DOS Graphics applications in a windowed session.
Mouse input is not supported.:p.
This is not applicable for OS/2 1.x installations.

:h1 res=006.Using PM2You with Seamless Windows sessions
:hp4.:hp5.Using PM2You with Seamless Windows sessions:ehp5.:ehp4.:p.
When using PM2You, you can start any seamless MS-Windows session
and use it as usual (Seamless means that it must run on top of the
PM Desktop and not Full Screen). You can use it as usual except that
keyboard acceleration (shortcuts) does not work (use mouse input
This is not applicable for OS/2 1.x installations.

:h1 res=007.Using PM2You with OS/2 Windowed sessions
:hp4.:hp5.Using PM2You with OS/2 Windowed sessions:ehp5.:ehp4.:p.
When using PM2You with OS/2 1.x, you can start any OS/2 Windowed
session and use it as usual. Mouse is not supported:p.
This does not work with OS/2 2.x installations. In OS/2 2.0 OS/2
Windowed sessions can be started, but there is no possibility for
any input to the session.

:h1 res=008.Terminating PM2You
:hp4.:hp5.Terminating PM2You:ehp5.:ehp4.:p.
To terminate the PM2You session, you bring up the task list and select
"PM2You Remote Access Facility" in the task list and end it by pressing
the right mouse button (or Shift-F10) and select "Close". You can also
bring up the PM2You status window and double click on the system menu
(or press Alt-F4).

:h1 res=009.Known limitations/errors
:hp4.:hp5.Known limitations/errors:ehp5.:ehp4.:p.
This software is continously being improved. If you find any errors in
this software we would appriciate reports about this. In this release
there are some known limitations&colon.:p.
Keyboard input does not work in OS/2 Windowed sessions in OS/2 2.0.:p.
The software is briefly tested with OS/2 1.3 and works with some limitations.
Keyboard and mouse input in OS/2 1.x is slow in some cases.:p.
LanTerm2 only works with VGA resolutions at 640*480 with 16 colors. Thus if
you have a 256 color display on the host, colors will be distorted.:p.
The PM2You data stream is sensitive for transmission errors. If a
transmission error occurs incompletely updated horizontal areas will be
noticed. You can manually request a repaint of all the screen by pressing
Shift-Esc Space in LanTerm2 or selecting Screen refresh in the menues in
Terminal/2 or WinTerm.:p.
The type of mouse cursor is not modified on the terminal. In Terminal/2
the mouse cursor will not reflect the status of the host. The hourglass
(or clock) symbol will be showed during screen updates and the Exclamation
mark will be showed when a transmission error is detected.:p.
WinTerm only works with asynchronous communication for graphics modes.
NetBIOS and Named Pipes are not supported for graphics in WinTerm. Terminal/2
and LanTerm2 support Asynchronous devices as well as Named Pipes and
NetBIOS. Mailslot and broadcast (one-to-many slave terminals) communication
is not tested, but should work.:p.
WinTerm can not handle more than 16 colors currently. This means that
the host must not use more than 16 colors, or the output will not be
When running Terminal/2 on a 256 color display with a 16 color host, colors
will not be mapped correctly. Output will be readable, but with wrong

:h1 res=012.Release log
:hp4.:hp5.Release log:ehp5.:ehp4.:p.
Bugs and improvements not described elsewhere are documented in this section.
:dt.:hp8.1.0:ehp8.:dd.First release
:dt.:hp8.Interim fixes applied to your version:ehp8.:p.
:dd.Corrected keyboard input error in system "E"ditor.:p.

:h1 res=010.Important license information
:hp4.:hp5.Important license information:ehp5.:ehp4.:p.
It is illegal (or at least unethical) to patch the program in
any way. Any reverse engineering (disassembling or monitoring)
is not an approved use of the application.:p.
If you register the software you will get a license
file and a copy of the most recent version of the program. :hp1.By
registering you will get the following benefits&colon.:ehp1.
:li.You will get a diskette with the most recent version of PM2You/OS2You/M2Zmodem.
:li.You will get rid of the introduction/registration screen during logon.
:li.You will be able to run PM2You/OS2You with 38400, 57600 and 115200 bauds.
:li.You will be treated as registered user for all future release.
:li.You can sleep at the night without having your conscience haunt you.
If you use the program on a regular basis, or in commercial
use, you :hp5.must:ehp5. register for each machine running the PM2You
or Os2You program. The terminal programs (except WinTerm) does not
require any further registration, and
may be used in unlimited instances, but an extra registration
per each 20th instance of LanTerm or LanTerm2 is appreciated.:p.
Note that the file transfer option requires registration. Neither the
built in file transfer function or the Sz/Rz commands will work without
this option.:p.
Note that there are both non-commercial commercial licenses available
for PM2You. The non-commercial license is for private persons that
want to use PM2You for their own non-commercial personal use. The
non-commercial license does not have the same high support level as
the commercial license and limited to the OS2You support BBS.:p.
The sourcecode (in Modula-2) of the program is available, on
special terms. Please contact me if this is of interest.:p.
You are encouraged to spread this program (without registration file)
to anyone that might be interested.:p.
If you want to register, send Swedish banknotes, bank check
(payable in Swedish bank) money order, purchase order or pay with
VISA, AmEx or MasterCard by completing the order form printable from
the file :hp1.ORDER.DOC:ehp1..:p.
:hp1.The address is&colon.:ehp1.
Ridax programutveckling
Att: Mikael Wahlgren
Kransen 4E
Fax&colon. +46 31 196417
Phone&colon. +46 31 196074
BBS&colon. +46 31 196406
Fidonet&colon. Mikael Wahlgren 2&colon.203/302.5
Compuserve&colon. 100114,3127
Internet&colon. [email protected]:ecgraphic.:p.
:hp1.Use the following form to register your copy of PM2You/Os2You and M2Zmodem&colon.:ehp1.

Date: ___________


Name: ____________________________________ Ridax programutveckling
Kransen 4E
Company: _________________________________ S-416 72 Gothenburg
Address: _________________________________

City, State; _____________________________

Diskette format 5.25" disk ____ 3.5" disk ____

Specification Amount Price Sum
========================================= ====== ===== ===========

PM2You/OS2You software (first 1-9) ______ 2000 __________

PM2You/OS2You software (following 10-19) ______ 1800 __________

PM2You/OS2You software (following 20-) ______ 1500 __________

PM2You/OS2You software (non commercial) ______ 1000 __________

OS2You software (first 1-9) ______ 700 __________

OS2You software (following 10-19) ______ 600 __________

OS2You software (following 20-) ______ 400 __________

OS2You for Sysops (for BBS use only) ______ 250 __________

OS2You/M2Zmodem file transfer option ______ 300 __________

WinTerm Windows 3.0 terminal program ______ 300 __________

Upgrade from OS2You to to PM2You ______ -1000 __________

Upgrade from OS2You to non-commerical ______ -500 __________

Total SEK __________

OS2You is included in all PM2You packages.

All prices are in SEK (Swedish crown). One USD is about 7.20 SEK.
The price for PM2You/Os2You is about $275. The prices are valid
for orders until August 1993. For orders after that, please
request the current prices. For orders from Sweden 25% Moms (VAT)
should be added to the above prices.

Note that if you order let's say 20 copies of PM2You/OS2You, this
requires you to pay the full price for the first 1-9 copies, and
you get a discount only for the following copies. The "PM2You/
OS2You non commercial" license is for non-commercial use only
(for private persons). Support for non-commerical licenses are
only available via our BBS and support questions over FAX or phone
will not be handled. It is not legal to use the non-commercial
license for commercial use, even if you don't expect to use the
support channels available.

If you pay with VISA, AmEx or MasterCard (MasterCards are
only accepted before August 1993) please fill in the following:

Cardholders name: ________________________________________

Cardholders address: _____________________________________

Card number: _____________________________________________

Card validy until: _______________________________________

Signature: _______________________________________________

Send or FAX a copy of this invoice to:

Ridax programutveckling
Kransen 4E
S-416 72 Gothenburg
Fax: +46 31 196417
Phone: +46 31 196074
Compuserve: 100114,3127
Internet: [email protected]

You can also register by sending a mail via Internet or CIS, specifying
your MasterCard/AmEx/VISA credit card number, validy date, address
and amount to pay in SEK.