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9i¾â$d‘Êò7u¹æ_«ô@ŒØe¨à M w ¹ Ç Ý 
 # 1 A R k † – ª À Ï Ù è ú  ! 1 3 F U g } ’  « Ä Ö ì 

*6D\l„›­Â×çò:Ys”®Êä(:L^p„™›®ÆÓßï (0Ix¬ÁÔî5eˆ’é4WŸ¿ç>}:The following options are valid (must be lower case letters)
:-a fn Execute script file "fn" (only valid with "-i" option)
:-b n Select baudrate "n" (n=decimal value between 110 and 19200)
:-c Transfer will be followed by another, do not send ZFIN
:-d Suppress checking for carrier loss
:-e env Append the environment variable "env" to the command line
:-f n Scan for COMx file handles and select the n-th found
:-h Enables hardware handshaking CTS/RTS
:-i Invoke on line terminal feature first
:-l dev Use "dev" for communication
:-n No sound when file transfer complete
😮 fn Create a log in file "fn"
:-p n Select country code "n" for translate table (0=disable)
:-pm Output status window to a presentation manager window
:-prot x Selects file transfer protocol "x"
:-q Suppress status messages and keyboard scanning
:-r dir Receive files into path "dir"
:-ren Rename existing file. If file exists rename the new file.
:-res Resume existing file. If file exists increment it.
:-s fn Send file(s) "fn". Wildcards allowed for batch transfers
:-skip If file exists, skip receiving it.
:-t Suppress conversion to upper case file names
:-u n Use file handle "n" for communication (n=decimal value)
:This software is released as an user supported software. If you like the
:product, please send a contribution. Any amount welcome but I suggest
:300 SEK (about $60). If you send 300 SEK, you will receive a copy of the
:most recent version of the program with a license file. Send comments or
:banknotes (in any currency) to my address below, or send money to my bank
:account in swedish currency. Please, always enclose your address.
:Send cash & comments to: Transfer money to my bank account:
: Account no: 8105-9, 649 766 870
:Mikael Wahlgren Telex: 21097 FOSPGGS
:Kransen 4E Forsta Sparbanken
:S-416 72 Gothenburg S-404 80 Gothenburg
:Sweden Sweden
:Thank you for having registered your copy of this program.
:Parse error
:Unable to open port
:[Terminal session] Press ALT-Z to display help text
:Select upload protocol
:Enter filespec:
:Select download protocol
:Enter local file name:
:No file specified
:Send successful
:Send failed
:Receive successful
:Receive failed

:Aborted from keyboard
:Lost carrier
:Header is FUBAR
:Disk write error
:Long packet
:Resuming file
:Error opening:
:Error positioning file
:File is already complete
:Renaming file
:Unable to create:
:File already exists
:Bad position
:Sending CAN
:Restoring async params
:Getting info.
:Out of sync.
:Sending file...
:Sending data header
:Error reading disk
:Sending EOF
:Setting start position
:Sending ZRQINIT
:Unable to find file
:Failed to open file

:Exit protocol driver
:Select download protocol:
:Select files to download (multiple files separated by spaces):
:Ready to send file(s)...
:Press Ctrl-X several times to abort!
:Select upload protocol:
:Enter file name:
:Ready to receive file(s)...

:Executing script
:Command "
:" not found
:Script file not found
:ANSI terminal
:[Script executing] =>
:Executing terminated
:Exiting program
:Enter script file:
:Closing connection
:Sending break
:PgDn => Download
:PgUp => Upload
:Esc => Terminate script
:ALT-B => Send break signal
:ALT-C => Clear screen
:ALT-G => Dump screen to file
:ALT-H => Hang up line
:ALT-S => Execute script
:ALT-X => Exit program
:ALT-Z => This help screen

:File name.....:
:File size.....:
:Time left.....:
:Current byte..:
:Error count...:
:Last frame....:

:Changing to Xmodem
:Bad block number
:Unsynced block number
:Disk error
:CRC error
:CHSUM error

:Press Enter to continue...
:Invalid choice!
:Preview file selection
:Use previewed file selection (1=Yes / 2=No)?
:This download request is rejected! Your limit is
:No matching files!
:Enter user name:
:You are not authorized!
:Enter password:
:1=Download / 2=Upload / 3=OS-Shell / 4=Disconnect:
:You don't have time enough for this download!
:Estimated time for this download
:Starting OS shell. Type EXIT to return or press to return!
:Five minutes inactivity will kill session!
:-his Create history-file
:ScrLock => Toggle redisplay mode
:-prty x Set execution priority to x (0=Normal, 1=Default, 2=Time Cr.)
:ALT-P => Set COM parameters
:ALT-I => Information about M2Zmodem
:L-Mouse => Send character at mouse pointer
:R-Mouse => Move cursor to mouse POINTER
:Hang up the phone line, and prepare your modem for callback!
:ALT-D => Dialling directory
:Select number: