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# Makefile for ppm tools.
# Copyright (C) 1989, 1991 by Jef Poskanzer.
# Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its
# documentation for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted, provided
# that the above copyright notice appear in all copies and that both that
# copyright notice and this permission notice appear in supporting
# documentation. This software is provided "as is" without express or
# implied warranty.

# Default values, usually overridden by top-level Makefile.
CC = gcc
OBJ = .obj
EXE = .exe
LIBEXT = .dll

TIFFINC = -I../libtiff
TIFFBINARIES = tifftopnm$(EXE) pnmtotiff$(EXE)
TIFFOBJECTS = tifftopnm$(OBJ) pnmtotiff$(OBJ)

PBMDIR = ../pbm
DEFPBM = $(PBMDIR)/pbm.h ../pbmplus.h
DEFLIBPBM = $(PBMDIR)/libpbm.h

PGMDIR = ../pgm
DEFPGM = $(PGMDIR)/pgm.h
DEFLIBPGM = $(PGMDIR)/libpgm.h

LIBPPM = libppm$(LIBEXT)
LIBPPMOBJS = libppm1$(OBJ) libppm2$(OBJ) libppm3$(OBJ) libppm4$(OBJ) \
$(CC) $(ALLCFLAGS) -c $*.c

link386 $(LDFLAGS) $*,,,, ppm

PORTBINARIES = giftoppm$(EXE) gouldtoppm$(EXE) ilbmtoppm$(EXE) imgtoppm$(EXE) \
mtvtoppm$(EXE) pcxtoppm$(EXE) pgmtoppm$(EXE) pi1toppm$(EXE) \
picttoppm$(EXE) pjtoppm$(EXE) ppmdither$(EXE) ppmhist$(EXE) \
ppmmake$(EXE) ppmquant$(EXE) ppmrelief$(EXE) ppmtoacad$(EXE) \
ppmtogif$(EXE) ppmtoicr$(EXE) ppmtoilbm$(EXE) ppmtopcx$(EXE) \
ppmtopgm$(EXE) ppmtopi1$(EXE) ppmtopict$(EXE) ppmtopj$(EXE) \
ppmtopuzz$(EXE) ppmtorgb3$(EXE) ppmtosixel$(EXE) \
ppmtotga$(EXE) ppmtouil$(EXE) ppmtoxpm$(EXE) ppmtoyuv$(EXE) \
qrttoppm$(EXE) rawtoppm$(EXE) rgb3toppm$(EXE) sldtoppm$(EXE) \
spctoppm$(EXE) sputoppm$(EXE) tgatoppm$(EXE) ximtoppm$(EXE) \
xpmtoppm$(EXE) yuvtoppm$(EXE)

MATHBINARIES = ppmforge$(EXE) ppmpat$(EXE)


OBJECTS = giftoppm$(OBJ) gouldtoppm$(OBJ) ilbmtoppm$(OBJ) imgtoppm$(OBJ) \
mtvtoppm$(OBJ) pcxtoppm$(OBJ) pgmtoppm$(OBJ) pi1toppm$(OBJ) \
picttoppm$(OBJ) pjtoppm$(OBJ) ppmdither$(OBJ) ppmhist$(OBJ) \
ppmmake$(OBJ) ppmquant$(OBJ) ppmrelief$(OBJ) ppmtoacad$(OBJ) \
ppmtogif$(OBJ) ppmtoicr$(OBJ) ppmtoilbm$(OBJ) ppmtopcx$(OBJ) \
ppmtopgm$(OBJ) ppmtopi1$(OBJ) ppmtopict$(OBJ) ppmtopj$(OBJ) \
ppmtopuzz$(OBJ) ppmtorgb3$(OBJ) ppmtosixel$(OBJ) \
ppmtotga$(OBJ) ppmtouil$(OBJ) ppmtoxpm$(OBJ) ppmtoyuv$(OBJ) \
qrttoppm$(OBJ) rawtoppm$(OBJ) rgb3toppm$(OBJ) sldtoppm$(OBJ) \
spctoppm$(OBJ) sputoppm$(OBJ) tgatoppm$(OBJ) ximtoppm$(OBJ) \
xpmtoppm$(OBJ) yuvtoppm$(OBJ) ppmforge$(OBJ) ppmpat$(OBJ)

all: lib binaries

binaries: $(BINARIES)

$(BINARIES): ppm.def


lib: $(LIBPPM)

$(LIBPPM): $(LIBPPMOBJS) libppm.def
link386 $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBPPMOBJS), $@,, os2, libppm

$(LIBPPMOBJS): libppm.h $(DEFPPM)


libppm3$(OBJ): ppmcmap.h

libppm5$(OBJ): ppmdraw.h

ilbmtoppm$(OBJ): ilbm.h
ppmhist$(OBJ): ppmcmap.h
ppmpat$(OBJ): ppmdraw.h
ppmquant$(OBJ): $(PGMDIR)/dithers.h ppmcmap.h
ppmtoacad$(OBJ): ppmcmap.h autocad.h
ppmtogif$(OBJ): ppmcmap.h
ppmtoicr$(OBJ): ppmcmap.h
ppmtoilbm$(OBJ): ilbm.h ppmcmap.h
ppmtopcx$(OBJ): ppmcmap.h
ppmtopi1$(OBJ): ppmcmap.h
ppmtopict$(OBJ): ppmcmap.h
ppmtopuzz$(OBJ): ppmcmap.h
ppmtosixel$(OBJ): ppmcmap.h
ppmtotga$(OBJ): ppmcmap.h
ppmtouil$(OBJ): ppmcmap.h
ppmtoxpm$(OBJ): ppmcmap.h
sldtoppm$(OBJ): ppmdraw.h autocad.h
tgatoppm$(OBJ): tga.h
ximtoppm$(OBJ): xim.h

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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