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Stealth 64 DRAM README.S3

The Disk label on the OS/2 diskettes should be:
Disk 1: "S3 DRV1" (without the parenthesis)
Disk 2: "S3 DRV2" (without the parenthesis)


1. You must have OS/2 DOS Support installed in order to install this driver.

2. The OS/2 ATTRIB command is used during installation. If you elected not
to install the OS/2 System Utility Programs or you have deleted the
ATTRIB, command you must use Selective Install to restore the ATTRIB
command before continuing.

3. OS/2 must be set to VGA. To set OS/2 to VGA, do the following: For
OS/2 2.1, consult the OS/2 manual. For OS/2 2.11, consult the OS/2
readme file.

4. You must have run the S64DMODE.EXE utility from the Stealth 64 DRAM
OS/2 Driver Diskette 1 and selected a monitor prior to installing
these drivers. If you have not done this, do so now. Refer to
instructions in the Stealth 64 User's Manual for running
S64DMODE.EXE and selecting a monitor. Please note that the CUSTOM
option is *NOT* available for use under OS/2.


This video accelerator driver is compatible with OS/2 2.1. Do not install it
on previous versions of OS/2. Before starting this process, it is recommended
that you close all folders and applications as OS/2 will not always complete the
installation successfully with applications open.

1. Place this diskette into drive A (or any other diskette drive).

2. Open an OS/2 full-screen or OS/2 window session.

3. At the OS/2 command prompt, change to your OS2\ directory and type the
following commands:




where: A: is the diskette drive
C: is the drive where OS/2 2.1 is installed

This command will copy all necessary files to the OS/2 drive.

4. Remove the diskette from the diskette drive, perform a shutdown, and
then restart the system.

5. Open the "OS/2 System" folder.

6. Open the "System Setup" folder.

7. Open the "Display Driver Install" (DSPINSTL) object.

When the Display Driver Install window appears, "S3" should be the
default choice. Select "OK".

8. When the Monitor Configuration/Selection Utility window appears,
the "Install Using Defaults for Monitor Type" option is pre-selected.
Select the "Install Using Display Adapter Utility Program" option, then
select "OK".

9. Insert the Stealth 64 OS/2 Driver Diskette 1.

10. The Monitor Configuration/Selection Utility Location windows should
appear. For the Utility Location, type:


Select "OK".

11. When the source directory pop-up window appears, select Install.

DSPINSTL determines the hardware configuration by creating the
SVGADATA.PMI file on the drive where the OS/2 directory is located.
If the SVGADATA.PMI file has not been created, the adapter will not be

12. When the installation is complete, do the following:
a. Open "OS/2 System".
b. Open "System Setup".
c. Open the "System" object. The Screen page of the Settings
notebook lists all the supported resolutions and color depths for your
d. Select a resolution; then, close the notebook.

13. Perform a shutdown; then, restart the system. NOTE: Remember to remove all
floppy disks from the floppy drives.

Note that during the installation of this driver a DISPLAY.LOG file is
created in the OS2\INSTALL directory. This file identifies the OS/2 2.1
system files that were updated and indicates whether the installation was
successful. The contents of this file might be useful if you need to report
an installation problem to Diamond Computer Systems.

Known Limitations

No support is available for 640x480 16.7 million colors on 1MB video

DOS Sessions and Applications
With the program VPIC6 under Full-screen DOS, GIFs cannot be viewed in the 1280x1024

Digital Video is not supported in 16.7 million colors. A black screen will be

Contacting DIAMOND
Diamond can be reached through a number of ways:

Postal Service : Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc.
1130 East Arques Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Voice (Main) : (408) 736-2000
Voice (TechSppt): (408) 736-2000 [M-F 6-7; Sat 8-4 Pacific]
[plus 24-hour automated help]
FAX (Main) : (408) 730-5750
FAX (Support) : (408) 773-8000
BBS (to 2400) : (408) 730-1100
BBS (9600+) : (408) 524-9301
America Online : GO DIAMOND

All product names listed are trademarks or copyrights of their
respective owners.
Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc. (c) 1993-94
(408) 736-2000 All Rights Reserved
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