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Nikon II

Version 1.4 - December 4, 1992

Nikon II is a screen capture utility for OS/2 2.0. This utility can take a
snapshot of the current desktop contents and save the captured image as a
bitmap. A number of options exist to control both the portion of the desktop
captured and the destination for the bitmap. Nikon II will appear as an icon
on the desktop and a capture is initiated by double-clicking on this icon.
Various options for the capture can be set by invoking the Options dialog from
the pop-up system menu. Pervasive online help is available to describe available
options together with tips on usage.

The current version supports a full desktop capture, all windows for selected
applications (only), a selected region of the desktop or a complete window or
window client area. For desktop, application and active window captures, a delay
can be set to enable the desktop contents to be arranged prior to the capture.

Once the capture is complete, the captured image can be:

- placed in the system clipboard for subsequent use by any application
- likewise placed in the clipboard with a designated bitmap editor invoked
for immediate post-processing
- saved as a file on disk (in OS/2 1.x or 2.x, Windows 3.0, PCX, GIF,
Targa or TIFF format)
- printed at varying resolutions to any attached printer

Nikon II is a fully 32-bit OS/2 Presentation Manager application and uses
multiple threads for background processing of the image. Multiple captures can
be initiated whilst earlier images are processed.

Nikon II requires IBM OS/2 2.0 (at CSD level XR06055) or later.


Have you got the LATEST copy of Nikon II? Updated versions of this program are
uploaded to the OS2USER forum on CompuServe as NIKON2.ZIP. Licensed users can
also download these to avail themselves to enhancements, bug fixes etc.


Changes to Version 1.0:

- file output in GIF format supported
- ability to change color sensitivity and brightness for printed output
- faster printing with significant reduction in memory requirement
- prompt for Desktop application name (if changed from default)
- bug with hanging system shutdown fixed
- bug with starting application when no default printer defined fixed

Changes to Version 1.1:

- a number of errors in output TIFF files corrected
- bug causing hang when selecting minimized icons fixed
- bitmap resolution stored in output OS/2 2.x and Windows 3.x files
- 'Print to scale' option added to the Printer dialog
- option to print in color (with appropriate printers/drivers) added
- write 16 color PCX files in Version 2.8 format

Changes to Version 1.2:

- intermittent error in output GIF file data corrected
- optional error logging to file (with -d switch)
- change region select corners to top-left/bottom-right

Changes to Version 1.3:

- support for PCX and TIFF version-specific export file formats added
- support for capture with 16/24-bit displays (with conversion to 8-bit)
- file output in (color-mapped) Targa format supported
- add dependence on BITWARE1.DLL and BITWARE2.DLL files
- new logic for output to PCX format files


This program must be installed as follows. It will NOT function correctly if
started from the command line.

- copy the NIKON2.EXE file to a directory of your choice.

- copy the NIKON2.HLP file to either the same directory as NIKON2.EXE,
or any directory included on the HELP statement in CONFIG.SYS.

- copy BITWARE0.DLL, BITWARE1.DLL and BITWARE2.DLL to a directory of your
choice. Update the LIBPATH statement in CONFIG.SYS to include this
directory. Re-boot to implement CONFIG.SYS changes.

- create a program reference for NIKON2.EXE in a folder of your choice.
DO NOT drag the icon representing NIKON2.EXE from the file system
(Drives window). Instead, take a copy (Ctrl+drag) of an existing icon
and edit the session parameters with the complete path name of the file.

- open the Settings notebook (right mouse button on the icon), select
the "Window" page and set the "Minimized button behaviour" to
"Minimize window to desktop". This setting is MANDATORY for correct

- double click on the program reference icon to start the program.

- optionally create a shadow of the program reference in your startup
folder (Ctrl+Shift+Drag).

- type VIEW NIKON2.INF to read program documentation. For printed
documentation, select Print/All sections. All the information contained
in this file is also available by invoking online help.



There is a bug in the LaserJet printer driver as supplied with OS/2 2.0. This
causes the first 64K of the image data to be repeated and the printer tone to
be reversed. If you experience these symptoms, select the 'Color' option in
the Printer options dialog box as a workaround until the driver is fixed.


This version of Nikon II is provided with an unlimited evaluation license not
exceeding 21 days in duration from first use. Unregistered use beyond this
evaluation period is in violation of this license.

If you find this program useful and would like to license your copy, a fee of
AUD $65 (approx. USD $46) for individual use or AUD $250 (approx. USD $175)
for corporate use is payable. This amount will entitle you (or your
corporation) to full use of current and subsequent releases of the product plus
support via CompuServe.

A software key made out in the name of an individual (or corporation) is
returned when the program is registered. The license type and name must be
specified when the software is registered.

How to register Nikon II:

- Send a mail message to CompuServe 100033,340 with your Mastercard/Visa
details (card number, full name on card and expiry date).

A software key for enablement of unlimited use will be returned to your
CompuServe id.

- Send a fax to +61-6-2810175 with Mastercard/Visa particulars.

The current version plus software key will be sent on 3.5 inch floppy to
the address you specify. Delivery (by airmail) is normally 2 weeks
from receipt of order. Add AUD $10 (approx. USD $7) for shipping &

- Post either Mastercard/Visa particulars or a cheque/check for the
appropriate registration fee (in Australian currency or converted
equivalent) to:

Bitware, Software & Services
P.O. Box 3097
Manuka A.C.T. 2603

The current version plus software key will be sent on 3.5 inch floppy
to the address you specify. Delivery (by airmail) is normally 2 weeks
from receipt of order. Add AUD $10 (approx. USD $7) for shipping &

See the inclosed file ORDER.DOC for pricing details, upgrades to Bitware's
Galleria program etc.



The Graphics Interchange Format(c) is the copyright property of CompuServe
Incorporated. GIF(sm) is a Service Mark property of CompuServe Incorporated.

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