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January 14, 1993

Media Vision is providing these OS/2 drivers for BETA testing purposes only.
Use of these drivers requires advanced technical knowledge of OS/2 and
its architecture.

** Media Vision's Technical Support department does not **
** support BETA drivers. All questions and support **
** issues must be addressed to CompuServe ID 75300,2772 **
** in the MULTIVEN CompuServe forum. Please do not **
** call Media Vision's Technical Support department. **

This beta release is intended for use with OS/2 2.1 BETA only. Please do
not report bugs found on prior releases of OS/2.



copy tmv1scsi.add c:\os2
copy mvprodd.s?? c:\os2
copy os2mixer.dll c:\os2\dll
copy promix2.exe c:\os2

DEVICE=c:\os2\mvprodd.sys /I:15 /D:5

[Note: /I:XX sets the IRQ, /D:X set the DMA]





TMV1SCSI ADD 23041 9-15-92 3:59p OS/2 SCSI device driver
TMV1 DDP 355 1-12-93 4:46p Device driver install script
TMV1SCSI DDP 362 12-16-92 11:12a Device driver install script
MVPRODD SYS 29327 1-14-93 4:37p MMPM audio device driver
MVPRODD SYM 7236 1-14-93 4:37p symbol file for above driver
OS2MIXER DLL 48399 1-14-93 5:24p Multimedia Mixer Library
PROMIX2 EXE 48651 1-14-93 5:26p PM mixer application
README TXT This file


Q: What Media Vision Products are supported?

A: SCSI support Audio support
-------------- --------------
Pro AudioSpectrum Pro AudioSpectrum
Pro AudioSpectrum 16 (SCSI versions) Pro AudioSpectrum 16

These products have not been tested for this beta release:

Pro AudioSpectrum Plus (SCSI versions) Pro AudioSpectrum Plus

Q: Can I play CD audio?

A: The SCSI driver will support CD (Redbook) audio playback when used in
conjunction with IBM's MMPM/2 system software. It will also support
most SCSI hard disks.

Q: What CD-ROM drives are supported?

A: CD-ROM Drive Support List

Hitachi CDR-1650S, CDR-1750S, CDR-3650, CDR-3750
NEC CDR-36, CDR-37, CDR-72, CDR-73, CDR-74, CDR-82, CDR-83, CDR-84
Panasonic CR-501, LK-MC501S
Sony CDU-541, CDU-561, CDU-6111, CDU-6211, CDU-7211
Texel DM-3021, DM-3024, DM-5021, DM-5024
Toshiba XM-3201, XM-3301

The NEC 25j (aka the MV-8) which ships with the Fusion CD product
is currently being tested by IBM. Our test show it to work fine.

Support is provided for both data and audio on all models.

If you have a "CDPC", "Fusion CD 16" or "Media Vision Multimedia
Upgrade Kit " you should have a CD-ROM drive with a Sony interface.
The Sony interface is not yet supported. Sony is reported to be
developing a driver for this interface.

Q: Is Kodak Photo CD supported?

A: Single session, Kodak Photo-CD support is provided for those drives which
support this standard.

Q: Can I use these drivers with my version of OS/2?

A: You must have OS/2 2.1 BETA to participate in this BETA program.

Q: How fast is the SCSI interface under OS/2

A: We have measured hard file (hard disk) reads at 498 Kb/sec and CD-ROM
(NEC 83j) reads at 238 Kb/sec.

Q: If I have trouble, what should I do?

A: Media Vision's tech support department will not be able to assist
in any OS/2 installation or operation issues at this time.
Support for these drivers can be obtained by sending mail to
CompuServe ID 75300,2772 or leaving a message in the Media Vision
section of the MULTIVEN forum addressed to the same user ID.
At the CompuServe prompt you can type GO MEDIAVISION to be sent
to the Media Vision (MULTIVEN forum.

Q: How can I install OS/2 2.1 BETA from CD-ROM if my CD-ROM drivers aren't

A: Use the DOS install.bat file found in the root directory of the
OS/2 2.1 BETA CD to create two installation disks. Remove all references
to .ADD files for SCSI adapters which are not installed in your system.
These include the files aha*.add and fd*.add. Then boot the floppies
and the CD-ROM drive will be recognized allowing you to begin OS/2

Q: How can I get OS/2 2.1 BETA on CD-ROM?

A: To inquire about getting an OS/2 2.1 BETA CD, contact IBM at

Q: What sound support is enabled?

A: This table show functions that are currently enabled and disabled:

------------------ ------------------
PCM Playback PCM Recording
Volume control MIDI playback
Mixer control MIDI recording

Q: Which .WAV files can I play.

A: You should be able to play any PCM (uncompressed) .WAV file
with sampling rates between 4 and 48 KHz, mono or stereo, and
8 or 16 bits.

Q: How can I change my card's DMA and IRQ settings?

A: The PAS Plus, PAS 16 and CDPC all have software configuration settings.
The 'device=' line in config.sys can be used to specify different IRQ
and DMA settings.

DEVICE=c:\os2\mvprodd.sys /I:7 /D:3

The /I parameter is used to set the IRQ. The /D parameter is used to
set the DMA.
Valid IRQ settings are: 2,3,4,5,6,7,10,11,12,14,15
Valid DMA settings are: 1,2,3,5,6,7

DMA channels 5,6,7 use 16-bit data transfers and are preferable choices.

Q: Will I be able to run my DOS games and applications?

A: The OS/2 2.1 BETA release, as well as prior releases of OS/2, do not
support auto-initialized DMA. This will cause the DOS applications
playfile.exe, recfile.exe and TrackBlaster Pro to fail. IBM has been
made aware of the bug and is working on a fix.

Adlib compatible games will work in a DOS/OS2 session.

Sound Blaster compatible games may work in a DOS/OS2 session. We have
no test results at this time.

Q: Will I be able to run the Media Vision Windows drivers in WIN/OS2?

A: Since auto-initialized DMA mode is not supported in OS/2 2.1 BETA,
digital audio will not work in WIN/OS2. This should be fixed in
the final OS/2 2.1 release.


Known Problems:

Loading MVSOUND.SYS in a DOS box will disable the SCSI driver.

Pro Mixer's PLAY/RECORD buttons don't react when clicked.

Pro Mixer's circular sliders don't update when other applications
modify a volume setting.

When a wave file is stopped, the time position is reset to zero.

Toshiba model 3301 CD-ROM drive volume control doesn't work.

AUDIOIF.DLL in \MMOS2\DLL may cause some problems with multiple
opens. IBM may allow us to distribute a patched version in
the coming days or weeks.

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