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Program: MV.EXE

Version: 1.0

Date: December 31, 1992

Description: Move File Utility for OS/2 2.0
32-bit OS/2 2.0 protected mode, command line program

Requirements: OS/2 2.0


MV is designed to move files from one subdirectory to another. This utility
takes the following parameters:

C:\]mv source destination

source - can be a filename, with or without wildcards * and ?,
or a subdirectory name

destination - can only be a subdirectory name

If the source is one file, that one file is moved.
If the source is a wildcard filename then those files will be moved.

For safety, this program will not delete the files it is moving until all
of the files have been safely copied to their destination. Any errors
in copying will terminate the program.

Please note that this program will make exact duplicates of the source.
If you have any attribute bits (like read only) set they will move with
the source. Things like read-only bits will prevent deletion of the files.
Additionally, if the destination file has read-only set and you try to
move a new source it will prevent the move.

This program does not override any file attribute settings when attempting
to move files.


mv *.* \temp move all files from here to \temp
mv ..\abc*.* \temp move all files starting with abc in the parent
directory to \temp
mv *.* ..\temp move all files to a directory in the parent called
mv ..\abc*.* ..\temp move all files starting with abc in the parent
directory to a directory in the parent called temp

Please note that you use this program at your own risk. While I have tested
this program and have removed all the bugs I have found I can not guarantee
that other bugs will not appear. Whenever you use programs that manipulate
files be sure that you have back up copies of those files.

This program is freeware. All that I ask is that you contact me via
e-mail (Compuserve ID 73467,252; Internet [email protected]) and
let me know what you think about it. Ideas on more freeware utilities you
would like to see are welcome.

Your author,

Alexandre Polozoff

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Archive   : MV.ZIP
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