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Archive   : ME310OS2.ZIP
Filename : EMACS.NEW

Output of file : EMACS.NEW contained in archive : ME310OS2.ZIP

The following commands were added and are not documented in
the manual. They are self-describing.


The DOS version was enhanced to support any text video mode
with resolutions up to 132 columns and 75 lines. A Microsoft
mouse or compatible should work in all of these modes.

File name completion and the mouse interface were added to
the OS/2 version. This version runs both full-screen and in a
Presentation Manager window (including the mouse interface).

The help text me.hlp and the startup file me.rc are looked for
in the C:\BIN, C:\USR\BIN and C:\ directories.

The manual was reformatted.

Kai Uwe Rommel
(a lot of changes by Jonathan Bayer were included)