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/* LiveWire Offline OS2Shareware BBS REXX Script File OS2SWQDL.CMD */

/* This script log's on to Pete's board, Captures New Messages and Files
Downloads your Qwk Messages and the latest OS2NEW.ZIP files and exits.
After this I use a second script that just gets me to the main menu
(actually just the first section of this script) I then manually
upload my qwk replies and download any files of interest. You might
like to automate this second Pass, but I'm new to Qwk and havent thought
out the "sync" problems with a script that uploads prior replies before
downloading current messages. ( I use and like, MR2 to read offline QWKs)
Anyway feel free to use the script or any portion of it. I borrowed the
initial Do Loop from someone elses example (Sorry I've forgotten your
full name Jonathan DBP??) Hope this is a usefull example of Rexx and LW

Kenn Lynch Sat 03-19-1994

You should edit the paths e:\download and d:\lwos2
to match your own paths. Enter your own name and password, in the variables
The script also assumes you have unzip and its in your current path.
Enter the scripts name in the LW dialing directory entry for OS2 SW BBS.
You can rename this script, but extension must be .CMD to work in LW */

/* Set timeout */

/* Set inter-character pacing to 40ms */

/* Set emulation and toggles */

/* I pre-load my strings with backspaces to avoid line noise.
I have never had this problem with Pete's board,
but its needed on some others I've used
What LiveWire needs is a way to store ENCRYPTED passwords and pass them
to the script(or encrypt the script) I prefer to keep my password in the
script file rather than in the dialing directory, neither is secure! */

Username = "^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hyour name" /* your first and last name */
Password = "^H^H^H^Hyour password" /* Your password here */
/* The "REM" on the following line seems to enable the Ctrl break exit
to work correctly. Believe this will be fixed in LW 2.2 */

Do forever

ret=FindLW("wait 20 seconds",
,"your name:",
,"ss ENTER to continue");

when ret="wait 20 seconds" then SendLW("^[") ;
when ret="your name:" then SendLW(Username||"^M") ;
when ret="[Y,n]? " then SendLW("Y^M") ;
when ret="Password:" then SendLW(Password||"^M") ;
when ret="ss ENTER to continue " then Leave ;

/* The only thing that usually will bring you here is */
/* a timeout. What you do here is up to you. I just */
/* panic myself. (this DO was borrowed from JDBP) */
Say "SCRIPT FAILED (prompts changed?)!!!! prompt was " ret;



/* We're in now, time for a little local house keeping, You can modify this
part to suit your needs. what I do is a keep the last 2 session logs.
Livewire 2.1 now correctly appends to previous log, but I dont like to
page foreward through the old stuff. Since I've been using QWK packets
The log doesnt contain any messages, only thing of interest is the new
files. I've started using LWs scroll back to view them so this capture file
is less usefull. By the way the capture file and os2new.txt are left in the
LiveWire directory you might like to path them to your download dir instead.

/* save old capture file to os2sw-1.cap delete the original, Capture on */

'copy os2sw.cap os2sw-1.cap';
'del os2sw.cap';
SetLW(Capture, ON,"os2sw.CAP");

/* Capture mail to log file, may not be needed if they are received in Qwk */

ret=FindLW("r mail? [Y,n]");

/* Get whats newer than (todays uploads) */

ret=FindLW(" files? [Y,n]");

ret=FindLW("ss ENTER to continue ");

/* go from the main menu to the offline menu, dl QWKs from the forums you
preselected in the offline area
Note I just experienced a problem that occurs when you have more than
10 previous Qwk message files, the Zmodem rename fails It appears you
can loose the packet this way ! Best do regular houskeeping in your qwk
reader or add some lines here to rename older message packets


/* this logic assumes that once you enter the Offline are if there are no
messages, you are sent back to Main Menu, If there are messages you are
prompted to enter a return or wait for dl to start, and finally, an Xon
(^Q) is sent after download is completed, an "M" returns you to Main Menu
Sometimes the Xon is not caught? so also uses the "READER: to jump to Main*/

Do Forever
when ret="abort" then SendLW("^M") ;
when ret="" then SendLW("M");
when ret="READER:" then SendLW("M";
when ret="MAIN:" then Leave;
Say "SCRIPT FAILED (prompts changed?)!!!! prompt was " ret;

/* Go to the files section, delete prior, dl latest
There seems to still be a minor bug in LW2.1s Capture off, If you watch
your screen you'll note Capture is turned ON instead of OFF?
Les Novell said he'll fix this one in LW 2.2) */

'del e:\download\';
SetLW(Capture,OFF); /* This used to work. bug in LW2.1? */

ret=FindLW("s) to download ");

/* I had problems using the /g (goodbye after dl) method. Could not find a
sucessful string to catch in the countdown. I think there are ANSI cursor
positioning characters in the countdown numbers. I hope the abrupt hangup
doesnt cause any odd status on Petes Board?
After download, hangup, del prior os2new.txt, unzip latest os2new.txt */


'del d:\lwos2\os2new.txt';
'unzip e:\download\';


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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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