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Little Black Book/2
Version 1.13
June 14, 1993
Copyright (C) 1993
James E. Johnson Jr.

About Little Black Book/2
===== ====== ===== ======

Little Black Book/2 is a personal information manager which may be used to store
and manipulate the names, address, phone numbers, and other pertinent
information about groups of individuals. It is capable of storing up to five
different groups of people in each phone book. These groups could be business
contacts, friends, relatives, Christmas card lists, etc, they are determined
solely by you. It is also capable of dialing the phone, and printing mailing
labels for any individual or group selected.


Little Black Book/2 is provided "as is" without any warranties (or conditions),
expressed or implied with respect to the software, including the implied
warranties (or conditions) of merchantability and fitness for a particular
purpose. The entire risk arising out of use or performance of the program
remains with you. In no event will the copyright holder be liable for any lost
profits, lost savings, incidental or indirect damages or other economic
consequential damages, even if I have been advised of the possibility of such
damages. In addition, I will not be liable for any damages claimed by you based
on any third party claim.


Shareware is the try it before you buy it concept of software marketing. It is
freely available by downloading it from various BBS's or one can easily and
legally give a copy to a friend. If you like the software and intend on
continuing to use it after the trial period of typically 30 - 45 days, you are
expected to register the software with the author. Shareware is not freeware.
It's continued use implies that it is a viable and needed tool. Registration
encourages the author to enhance the software's features, making it a better
tool for you the user, and also to create new software in the future.


Upon registration you will receive the latest version of the Little Black Book/2
software personalized with your registation information which consists of a
registration "key" which is valid for all version 1.xx releases. From that
point on you may download newer versions from your favorite BBS as they are
created without re-registering as you will have a valid key and the right to
use that version. Please state floppy drive size needed when ordering.

Registation is (only) $10.

Please make checks payable to:

James E Johnson Jr.
6924 Vancouver Road
Springfield, VA 22152

Changes since Version 1.0

10 May 93 Adds (1) Registration information
Version 1.01 (2) Allows double clicking from main screen to pull up
modify screen

31 May 93 Adds (1) Sort order modification
Version 1.10 (2) Exporting to both comma-delimited files and in columns
(3) Dialing initialization & prefix strings
(4) Main window sizing (remembers last setting from shutdown)
Changes / Bug-fixes
(1) Dialing is no longer timer-based

5 Jun 93 Changes / Bug-fixes
Version 1.11* (1) Adds an option for adding additional for some

6 Jun 93 Changes / Bug-fixes
Version 1.12* (1) If you select 0 column width when exporting in columns,
then the computer will determine the optimum width for
that particular field
(2) Commas within a field being exported in "Export Comma
Delimitted" are converted to semicolumns so as to not
screw up the field order
(3) Numeric data-entry fields converted to spin-button
controls (found in Import, Export, and Setup Printing)

14 Jun 93 Adds (1) Several new print options
Version 1.13* Changes / Bug-fixes
(1) The name was changed to Little Black Book/2. This was
necessary due to a title conflict with a DOS-based PIM
offering somewhat similar features. Now there should
be less confusion.

* NOTE: Normally only releases ending with a "0" will be made publicly
available. These other releases are sent out to registered users who
have a minor problem with a released version. They are then rolled into
the next widely available version when numerous enhancements are made.
Version 1.13 is an exception, the "problem" here was a name collision
with another product (which effects everyone). This is therefore a very
small interim release to primarily correct that problem. My apologies
to the other shareware author for the confusion and to all my loyal
users (especially the registered ones) as well.

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