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Whats new in Version 1.2c? October 19, 1993

1. The internal editor is now modeless. What this means is you can
"get back to" the KWQ Mail/2 main window and minimize it, or
do anything else you wish while the editor is open. KWQ Mail/2
allows for up to 4 editors open at once.

2. Strip 'Re:' subject prefixes now also strips the '(R)' prefix,
supporting the bulletin boards which use this syntax

3. Added file sort by date option in the open packet dialog.

NOTE: KWQ Mail/2 version 1.2c was compiled with IBM's C Set/2++,
not with Borland C++ for OS/2 as the documentation states.
I have happily switched back to my old home.

Enhancements For Version 1.2b.

1. Message Envelope dialog and internal editor is now filled
on a thread. This should result in significantly reduced time
in opening the window.
2. "NR" placed at tagline for not-registered users.
3. Edit tagline file and edit twit file menu choices have been
added onto the Setup menu.

Enhancements For Version 1.2.

1. Revovering from a crash is now bullet-proof with respect to
messages you write. Any time you create a message within KWQ,
the file BBS.MSG is created in the .\KWQMAIL.$$$ directory.
This is basically a QWK compatible file that has all the
messages you write. If your system crashes (or God forbid, KWQ
does), you will no longer lose any cruicial work. You have two
options: 1) open KWQ and let it read this file and it will
prompt you if you want to recover it, 2) Zip the file into
BBS.REP and upload it to your Bulletin board.
2. Sped up display of message display dramatically through use of
different drawing APIs.
3. Configuration option to have KWQ ignore "\n " type of lines
during reformatting of reply text.
4. Show message in ANSI viewer.
5. Bulk marking messages to save to a file. Bookmarked messages
can now be saved to one file.
5. Zip replies on demand.
6. Better handling of non-standard, sneaky tagline positioning when
stealing taglines.
7. Allow first name of author, first name of reciepient, current
date, current weekday, current conference, current message
number to be put into message header or footer.
8. Place "All" in the "To:" portion of the message envelope.
9. Saved searches. KWQ now remembers the last 10 searches you did
in a combo box for quick access.
10. Allow user to expand tabs in internal editor to n characters.
11. Page Down/Page Up buttons added to top of KWQ Mail/2 window.
12. Allow user to insert file to KWQ (text) in the internal editor.
13. Header and Footer are seperate notebook pages in the setup
dialog for purely esthetic reasons.
14. Tagline initialization is now on a thread, since really large
tagline files can cause KWQ to be sluggish when you first open the
15. File Time is now displayed in packet open dialog.
16. Read reply hotkey and menu choice added.
17. "Delete line" key added (Alt-D, for Brief Users) for internal editor.
18. Option to strip 'Re:' crap from all message subjects.
19. Option to automatically jump to next conference.
20. Option for file name expansion for save. This is a late
breaker. Use any of the header and footer expansion characters
in your save file specification, and KWQ will expand these into
a file name when you save the message. For instance, use %e to
save messages to the current conference name.
21. I don't know why this is critical, but many people asked for it.
KWQ now displays the file name for the packet that is open in the
main title.

Bugs/Anomolies Fixed in Version 1.2

1. Quoting within the internal editor will now ignore previously
quoted text when autowrapping.
2. Page down will now display the right portion of the message
(shows last line of previous page at top).
3. Printing now prompts the user to setup the print font when doing
a print with outline fonts without ever setting up the outline
font to print with.
4. Conference "Ghost" dialog occurs using 9 Lives desktop expander.
5. Can't use TAB character in MLE for internal editor--you now have
the option to expand tabs (an enhancement, too).
6. Headers/Footers should be available on write new.
7. 0x1a character occassionally showing up at end of file.
8. Handle quoting with names > 2 parts ("Paul von Keep").
9. Inserting very large messages crash KWQ using an external
10. Saving messages sometimes caused a floating point exception.
11. Saving large messages (like "Frequently Asked Questions) would
sometimes crash KWQ.
12. User bookmarks not saving properly. Saves first item in list over and
13. Information dialog does not have enough space for BBS name with
long title.
14. "D:\" is not a valid path for QWK files or replies files.
15. If spooler is disabled, printing causes KWQ to shutdown.
16. Install program prompts for directory, and then forces the
directory to upper case.
17. Conference rollover not working properly--would not display the
right conference sometimes.
18. Fix add/drop conferences.
19. Enable keyboard only setup--you can now setup KWQ without having
a rodent to use. To switch from the notebook control tabs to
the internal tabs, use Alt-Up and Alt-Down. Pressing enter
saves the changes, pressing esc aborts.
20. Close box in internal editor does not prompt user to save
21. Reply packet creation code would fail with paths that contain
trailing blanks. (ie-Path = 'c:\up ' )
22. File open dialog should use file mask that user setup.
23. Fixed crash with paging backwards within a find list very
24. Private messages now use proper private marker ('*' instead of
25. Better handling of current message in message list. KWQ now
goes to great lengths to keep the message you are currently
viewing current within the message display list.

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