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Note: KWQ Mail/2 Version 1.2e addresses specific bugs found in the
version 1.2e release as reported by a number of users.
It is a maintainence release and supplies little new functionality.
Please note the address of Kurt Westerfeld changed since the last

Fixed in Version 1.2e, 03/09/94:

1. The error: "Error 5 was returned during the 'unpack' process."
that haunted many new users installing KWQ Mail/2 should now be
fixed (crossing fingers).

2. Some sorting problems were corrected.

3. When editing an existing reply, KWQ now only searches the last
few lines for a tagline signature to determine whether a new
tagline should be added.

Fixed in Version 1.2d, 10/28/93:

1. With version 1.2c, when a heavy system load (such as running a
DOS-based BBS that polls for system events without giving up CPU
cycles) is incurred, the internal editor and message envelope
for the external editor do not display To/From/Subject fields
properly, and may not display taglines as well. This is due to
a background thread starving for CPU cycles. The thread
priorities have been adjusted to allow for better performance.

2. Sort by date does not take into account time values properly

3. Alt-D deletes 1 too many character in the internal editor.

Note: KWQ Mail/2 Version 1.2c addresses specific bugs found in the
version 1.2b release as reported by a number of users.
It is a maintainence release and supplies little new functionality.

See the file "WHATS.NEW" for details on enhancements added in this

Fixed in Version 1.2c, 10/19/93:

1. Fixed SYS3175 on replies due to problems synchronizing background
thread with Save and Cancel buttons.

2. KWQ Mail/2 now prompts to Pack replies if messages are recovered
from a previous session.

3. Save the last used tagline between uses of the message envelope;
if random taglines is off and taglines are turned on, KWQ should
just remember the last tagline and display that in the envelope.

5. Tagline file would strip non-ASCII characters out of the lines

6. Bugs fixed where taglines where not always appearing.

7. Viewer sometimes cuts off a few lines on NEWFILES.DAT and other
files read from the 'Packet' menu.

8. Scrolling problems fixed for large (>1000 line) messages.

9. Reply creation should blank-pad message, instead of NULL pad.

10 Problems with messages not posting to proper conference due to
background thread processing of dialog in the internal editor.

11. Fixed problems where current directory was not set properly
by program objects, and 'CONTROL.DAT Not Found' message was
appearing when .QWK files are unpacked.

12. Fixed crash for message (>4000) .QWK files.

13. Fixed problem where posting a reply caused the conference dialog
to reset from the current conference.

14. Put 'All' in 'To:' field for writing a new message.

15. Fixed message cutoff reading messages with embedded NULLs
(byte 00).

16. Fixed instability when Netmail conference is extracted during a
'Write New' command.

17. Some editor arguments not were passed properly if no .EXE was found
in the name (eg. "EPM 'margins 1 70' /M" )

Note: Version 1.2b addresses specific bugs found in the version 1.2a
release as reported by a number of users. It is a maintainence
release and supplies little new functionality.

Fixed in Version 1.2b, 08/21/93:

1. Last message in conference not displayed for some packets.

2. Complaints of KWQ hogging system message queue for no
known reason have been addressed: KWQ no longer depends
on short WM_TIMER messages to update the clock display.
I don't know if this will fix the problem.

3. Type of archiver used to create QWK packet is not saved
between sessions when doing a 'Quick Exit'.

4. Display of XGA-2 metrics not working properly (can't
resize small enough in the horizontal direction).

6. Handling of CR embedded paragraphs does not translate CR
into CR-LF pairs.

7. Not saving background colors from setup notebook.

8. Directories that have spaces (ie-'E:\ZIP UTIL\PKUNZIP.EXE')
would cause errors.

9. Executable configurations give an error when there's
paramters supplied.

10. Taglines read thread wait for creating message on first
opening packet.

11. Delete packet and cannot open another without changing
the selection in the open dialog.

13. Archivers dialog has selection going to wrong edit field
when clicking on a label.

14. Add and drop not working properly for some doors.

15. Saving fonts not working properly

16. Next/Previous subject skipping too many items.

17. Taglines sometimes not opening properly.

18. Closing KWQ from the task list does not potentially save
out the work, etc.

19. Accelerator keys 'i' doesn't work if caps lock is on.

20. Confirmation to put 'To/From/Subject' information on
message creation would follow with removal of envelope

21. Silver Xpress door compatability added. KWQ does an
extended scan for conferences when the conference number
is greater than 256 to get around a bug in Silver
Xpress's creation of the MESSAGES.DAT file. If you find
that messages are being placed in the wrong conference
and you are not using packets from the Silver Xpress
NOTE: this problem is not known to happen at this time
but KWQ has been enabled to help if this does occur.

22. Date formats of xx/xx/xx are now parsed properly

Note: Version 1.2a addresses specific bugs found in the version 1.2
release as reported by a number of users. It is a maintainence
release and supplies no new functionality.

Fixed in Version 1.2a, 06/27/93:

1. CONTROL.DAT parsing broken for some bulletin boards that
have punctuation characters in their name.

(For example, as reported by Dean Stacey on OS/2 Shareware,
the bulletin board with mail packet name INV-FAC.QWK
would create a .REP file called INV.REP).

2. CONTROL.DAT parsing not handling date and time properly.

3. Conference selection not consistent when using auto-jump

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