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Filename : EDIT.H

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/* NAME:
* edit.h - globals for edit modes
* This header defines various global edit objects.
* RCSid:
* $Id: edit.h,v 1.4 1992/08/12 14:15:25 sjg Exp $

/* some useful #defines */
#ifdef EXTERN
# define _I_(i) = i
# define _I_(i)
# define EXTERN extern

#define BEL 0x07

* The following are used for my horizontal scrolling stuff
EXTERN char *xbuf; /* beg input buffer */
EXTERN char *xend; /* end input buffer */
EXTERN char *xcp; /* current position */
EXTERN char *xep; /* current end */
EXTERN char *xbp; /* start of visible portion of input buffer */
EXTERN char *xlp; /* last char visible on screen */
EXTERN int x_adj_ok;
* we use x_adj_done so that functions can tell
* whether x_adjust() has been called while they are active.
EXTERN int x_adj_done;

EXTERN int x_cols _I_(80); /* default to 80 cols */
EXTERN int x_col;
EXTERN int x_displen;
EXTERN int x_arg; /* general purpose arg */

EXTERN int x_do_init; /* set up tty modes */
EXTERN int ed_erase, ed_kill, ed_werase, ed_intr, ed_quit;

#ifdef DEBUG
# define _D_(x) x
# define _D_(x)

/**** edit.c ****/
int x_read ARGS((int fd, char *buf, size_t len));
int x_getc ARGS((void));
void x_flush ARGS((void));
void x_adjust ARGS((void));
void x_putc ARGS((int c));
int x_debug_info ARGS((void));
void x_puts ARGS((char *s));
void x_init ARGS((void));
bool_t x_mode ARGS((bool_t onoff));
bool_t x_mode ARGS((bool_t onoff));
int promptlen ARGS((char *cp));

/**** emacs.c ****/
void x_redraw ARGS((int limit));
char* x_lastcp ARGS((void));
EXTERN int xlp_valid _I_(0);

/* This lot goes at the END */
/* be sure not to interfere with anyone else's idea about EXTERN */
# undef EXTERN
#undef _I_
* Local Variables:
* version-control:t
* comment-column:40
* End:

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Archive   : KSH48.ZIP
Filename : EDIT.H

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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