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; Config file for poly3d (UNIX version)

;If true, display INTERNAL edges (created by IRIT solid modeller) (option -i)
;Internal TRUE

;Sets depth cue status to begin with - drawing of the lines with negative Z
; (depth) as dotted lines
DepthCue TRUE

;The viewing mode to begin with:
; 1. Perspective View
; 2. Orthographic view
ViewMode 2

;The transformation to begin with should be in:
; 1. Screen axes coordinate system
; 2. Object axes coordinate system
TransMode 1

;If TRUE four polygons are formed from each bilinear
;in the solid rendering option. Otherwise two polygons.
FourPerFlat FALSE

;Sets default log based 2 of FineNess for subdivision
;of surfaces into polygons.
FineNess 5

;Vertices normal length. This number is divided by 100 to form object space
;normal size scaler.
NormalLength 10

;Draw vertices normals using NormalLength above if TRUE and vertex has
;normal attribute ([NORMAL X Y Z]).
DrawVNormal FALSE

;Draw polygons normals using NormalLength above if TRUE and polygon has
;plane attribute ([PLANE A B C D]).
DrawPNormal FALSE

More FALSE ;If true print more messages (boolean) (-m)

;If the polygons are ordered in a pattern and only the first i edges of
;each polygon are to be seen, set NumOfEdges to k. Very handy with the
;DrawFn3D program as NumOfEdges 2 (DrawFn3D generates triangles). If
;set to 0 all the polygon edges are to be handled.
NumOfEdges 0

;If a closed object is to be displayed, each edge is shared by two polygons,
;and there is not reason to display it twice (if fact it will be displayed
;twice in opposite direction - a heuristic that is used here). This can
;speed up the display by almost factor of two.
ClosedObject FALSE

;If TRUE then surfaces control mesh and curves control polygon are drawn as
;well as the surfaces/curves themselves.
DrawSurfaceMesh TRUE

;If TRUE then surfaces is subdivided into polygons which are drawn instead
;of isolines (if FALSE). NumOfIsolines control the fineness of the
;subdivision in this case.
DrawSurfacePoly FALSE

;Number of isolines per surface. Should be at list 2.
NumOfIsolines 10

;LOG2 of the number of samples (equally spaced in parametric space) per
;curve. should be between 1 (2^1 = 2 samples) and 10 (2^10 = 1024 samples).
SamplesPerCurve 6

;Using gl graphics library, you can set the view/trans. windows location using
;The two variables below as 'x1, x2, y1, y2'
;TransPrefPos "455, 640, 520, 965"
;ViewPrefPos "1, 450, 520, 965"

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Archive   : IRIT-OS2.ZIP
Filename : POLY3D.CFG

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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