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README for IconView 0.9
October 23, 1991

ICONVIEW.EXE lets you view OS/2 PM icon files as a group. To
my knowledge, there is no other way of doing this simple
activity otherwise.

IconView understands PM 1.1, 1.2 and bitmap array type icons.
It doesn't understand the new OS/2 2.0 format icons (of which
very few currently exist).

ICONVIEW [path-spec]

[path-spec] is optional. With it, you can give a drive, path
and wildcard for .ICO files. For example,

ICONVIEW \tmp\icons\*.ico

will show you all the icons in the \tmp\icons directory.

Without [path-spec], the default is *.ico in the current

[To paraphrase the lawyers:]

This program is freeware. It is provided without warranty
either express or implied and without claims for suitability
or fitness for a particular purpose. In no case shall John
W. Cocula be held liable for use or misuse of this program.