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readme.doc emx 0.8f INTRODUCTION 03-Jan-1993
Copyright (c) 1990-1993 by Eberhard Mattes

*** See history.doc for important information ***

Welcome to emx 0.8f, a common environment for creating 32-bit programs
for OS/2 2.0 and DOS. You can use the GNU C compiler to compile
programs for emx. The main design goal of emx is to simplify porting
Unix software to OS/2 2.0 and DOS. Moreover, you can create `native'
OS/2 programs, including Presentation Manager applications.

The emx package includes:

- emx.dll and emxio.dll dynamic link libraries for OS/2 2.0

- emx.exe DOS extender for running 32-bit programs under DOS

- emxbind.exe for creating .exe files which work both under OS/2 2.0
and DOS

- emxomf.exe for converting .o object files (a.out) to .obj object
files (OMF). With emxomf and LINK386 you can create OS/2 programs
that don't need emx.dll

- C header files and a nearly complete C library with source

- a simple graphics library for 320x200 (256 colors) mode, with source

- a library for screen output in windows, with source

Additionally, the following GNU programs are available compiled and with
patches and sources (note that these files are not part of emx):

- GCC 2.3.3, the GNU C compiler (requires a 387 coprocessor under

- GAS 1.38.1, the GNU assembler

- GDB 4.7, the GNU debugger

- ld, the GNU linker

- ar, nm, size, strip, objdump: some GNU utilities for dealing with
binary files

- texinfo, the GNU documentation system

- Patches for the GNU sources

- Patched source for GCC, GAS, GDB, ld, ar, nm, size, strip, objdump,
info, makeinfo, texindex. You can compile all these programs with
the files that come with emx (but you also need a make utility, such
as NMAKE).

- BSD curses library

You can get the complete GNU sources by anonymous ftp from
prep.ai.mit.edu and other archives, for instance ftp.uni-stuttgart.de.

emx is packaged in the following files:

emxdev.zip emx development system (without compiler)
emxlib.zip emx library sources
emxtest.zip Test programs (used for testing emx and the libraries).
Includes some sample programs as well

GNU programs compiled for emx, patches and patched sources:

gnudev.zip GNU development tools compiled for emx
gppdev.zip Additional GNU programs and files for compiling C++
gobjcdev.zip Additional GNU programs and files for compiling
Objective C
gnupat.zip Patches for GNU sources
gnudoc.zip Documentation for GNU programs (texinfo sources)
gnuinfo.zip GNU texinfo (includes info file browser)
gnusrc.zip Patched GNU sources (ld, ar, nm, size, strip, objdump,
gccsrc1.zip Patched GNU sources (GCC 2.3.3, part 1)
gccsrc2.zip Patched GNU sources (GCC 2.3.3, part 2)
gassrc.zip Patched GNU sources (GAS 1.38.1)
gdbsrc.zip Patched GNU sources (GDB 4.7)
gppsrc.zip Patched sources of libg++ 2.2

BSD libraries compiled for emx with sources:

bsddev.zip BSD libraries (curses etc.)
bsddoc.zip Documentation for BSD libraries
bsdsrc.zip Source for BSD libraries

For unpacking, you need unzip v5.0 which is available from many
archives. Look for files named

unzip50.exe MS-DOS executable for unzip
unz50_32.exe OS/2 2.x 32-bit executable

To install emx on drive C: (you can use any drive -- all examples use
drive C:), type the following:

cd \
unzip emxdev emx\doc\install.doc

You may have to specify the complete paths of unzip.exe and
emxdev.zip. PKUNZIP cannot be used.

Then, read \emx\doc\install.doc to learn how to continue the

You'll find further information in the following files:

\emx\doc\install.doc Installation guide
\emx\doc\emxdev.doc Application developer's guide
\emx\doc\gnudev.doc GNU development tools information
\emx\doc\bsddev.doc BSD library information
\emx\doc\user.doc User's guide
\emx\doc\build.doc Compiling the GNU sources
\emx\doc\history.doc Change log
\emx\doc\future.doc Things to do
\emx\doc\emxbind.doc A diagram showing the .exe file format
\emx\doc\copying.emx emx & library license
\emx\doc\copying GNU General Public License
\emx\doc\copying.bsd BSD license (for libbsd and libcurse)
\emx\doc\copying.lib GNU Library General Public License

NO WARRANTY: No guarantee is made as to the proper functioning of the
software. No liability will be admitted for damage resulting from
using the software.

See \emx\doc\copying and \emx\doc\copying.emx for copyright

Instead of a list: All the trademarks used in this document and all
the other emx documents are registered to whoever it is that owns

emx is available for anonymous ftp on ftp.uni-stuttgart.de
[] in the directory soft/os2/emx-0.8f. It is also
available from ftp-os2.nmsu.edu. In the UK, try src.doc.ic.ac.uk,
which is a mirror of ftp-os2.nmsu.edu.

An emx-related mailing list has been created: emx-list. The address
for people to request to be added to or removed from the list is:

[email protected]

To subscribe, send a message containing

sub emx-list Joe User

to [email protected] Of course, you should use your name instead
of Joe User's name.

The author of emx is

Eberhard Mattes
Teckstrasse 81 (TeX: Teckstra\ss e)
D-7141 Moeglingen (TeX: M\"oglingen)

Internet: [email protected] (subject to change)

No telephone calls please! It must be stressed that the author does
not reply to letters if you don't include return postage
(international postal reply coupon if you're outside Germany) and a
self-addressed envelope.

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