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GENV v1.2 Copyright (C) TJD Software 1989, 1990.
All rights reserved.

GENV is distributed as part of the FLIST package of utilities
for OS/2 and may NOT be distributed seperately.

GENV is a useful utility to help you manage your OS/2 and DOS
environment settings. When used by itself it will display the
environment in a similar manner to the SET command. You may also
specify an argument in which case it will display ONLY the
specified environment variable. All this is very well but not
really all that useful! The main use for GENV is SAVING the
contents of your environment in a useful form. If you redirect
the output of GENV to a file it will generate the SET commands
that can be used to reestablish your environment. For example:
will generate a file called OLDENV.CMD containing the necessary
SET commands to allow you to restore the environment later.
Because GENV is a BOUND program it can be used under DOS to
generate BAT files as well.
The primary use for GENV is saving environment blocks created
by the environment editor that is part of TJD Software's FLIST
package. An example of how to use GENV is provided with the FLIST

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