Category : OS/2 Files
Archive   : FJ500E.ZIP
Filename : FILEJET.FKT

Output of file : FILEJET.FKT contained in archive : FJ500E.ZIP

Short FILEJET Functions Summary

F1 = Online help, context sensitive
ESC = Cancel function or end program
Mask = Set the file mask for the file window
Ins = INSERT shows function key assignment
CTRL- = CTRL - and Drive key changes actual drive
ALT-Key = ALT- and command key executes a command with all selected
Att = Set file attributes
Cop = Copy files or directories
Del = Delete files or directories including subdirectories
Ed = Edit file with external editor (see Setup)
Fed = Edit file with integrated file editor
Go = Jump to file matching mask, or change drive and path quickly
fInd = Searches a text within a file
Move = Moves file to another drive/directory
Inv = Inverse selection, all files not matching the mask are selected
cOm = Execute a command with the file, Preferences are used
Qck = Quick-execution of file combined with extension preference
Ren = Renames a file or directory
Sel = Select all files matching the file selection mask
Tree = Show the directory tree
Unsel = Disables file selection (unselect)
View = View a file with the external file viewer (see Setup)
Word = Start wordprocessing with file (see Setup)
eXe = Executes the file

F2 = Calculates the directory size if cursor is positioned on a dir.
SHIFT-F2 = Calculates all directory sizes of directories in the filelist
F3 = Refresh the filelist or the directory tree
SHIFT-F3 = Change displaymode One Filelist<->Filelist and Tree<->2 Filelists
F4 = Activat another file list
SHIFT-F5 = Create a subdirectory

ALT-1 = Start/stop macro recorder
ALT-2 = Play macro several times
ALT-3 = Play macro one time

ALT-F7 = Pop up User Pulldown from file fj.dat or fj2.dat
PAGE/CURSOR= Move the filecursor throu the filelist

CTRL-BS = cd \ Jump to root-directory

SPACE = Toggle file display mode, short, long, full