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This is a working version of the finder program as depicted in
the Microsoft Systems Journal Volume 4 Number 5.

At this point, I am looking for comments. I will improve it and
place it back with source. You can get comments to me at
1-805-582-9306. My user number is 897.
Or at Channel 1 1-617-354-8873 user id is tom hebert.
both are 8,1 stop, full duplex, no parity.

The program has been modified so as to work. Fixed Font
selection should be automatic.

The program is multi-threaded. When you select SEARCH, it creates a
new thread to perform the actual search. Cordination with thread 1 is
through user defined messages. If you select CANCEL when a search
is in progress the thread will finish whatever directory it is scanning
before stopping. Therefore, provided the listbox has not run out of
memory, any listing for a directory will be complete. If you get the
out of memory message, the listing for the last directory in the listbox
may be incomplete.

Two things you should know. The program does not know long file names.
And, the print task is single threaded and not stoppable. It will be

Note that the print routine sends RAW_DATA to the driver. The EPSON
driver does not seem to be able to deal with it. The result is a messy
process termination. Use another driver.

On release 1.1, you should ensure courier.dll is somewhere
in the libpath. If you have no Courier.dll create one by
copying courier.fon to courier.dll. You can easily tell if
the program is not selecting the proper font. Drawing text
in the listbox will be lethargic.