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Program: FF.EXE

Version: 1.46

Date: November 30, 1992

Description: File Find Utility for OS/2 2.0 GA
Internationalized Date/Time formats
32-bit OS/2 2.0 protected mode, command line program

Requirements: OS/2 2.0 GA Level


FF was designed to search from the current path on downwards. The program
starts searching for files in the current path and any subdirectories that

There is a way to get ff to search starting from the root. To do this you
prepend the [filespec] with a \

Examples look like this:

to search from the root:
C:\os2\util] ff \config.sys

to search from the current directory on down:
C:\os2\util] ff config.sys

to search from the \dev directory on down:
C:\os2\util] ff \dev\config.sys

This is useful when search large volumes. It prevents searching an entire
500 Mb volume to only a subset of that volume. But you can easily search
the entire volume by using the \ prepend method.


Internationalization. What does this mean to you the end user?

Internationalization is provided when you install your OS/2 operating
system. You select the country you are in and the installation will set
certain defaults for you. The two defaults we are interested in particularly
are the formats for the date and time stamping of files.

Here in the USA we typically follow the convention of dd/mm/yy and the
twelve hour format for time. Although in the past few weeks a European user
(Michael Krause in Germany) commented that the time and date formats I liked
were not the case overseas.

One thing I found quite interesting is that you can personalize your
OS/2 date and time format settings. This is done by running a PM
Application in the System Folder/System Setup. In the System Setup is
an application called Country. If you run this application you will get
a booktab window where you can change the setting of how dates and times
are displayed (besides a few other things).

One note, to get leading zeros (ie; 04/04/92 vs 4/4/92) the checkbox
for this is on the Numbers booktab, not in the Date or Time booktabs.

This program is freeware. All that I ask is that you contact me via
e-mail (Compuserve ID 73467,252; Internet [email protected]) and
let me know what you think about it. Ideas on more freeware utilities you
would like to see are welcome.

Your author,

Alexandre Polozoff

Program Notes:

v1.46 corrected problem with very large network drives
v1.45 corrected problem with files > 1 Meg
v1.44 corrected problem if path provided does not exist
v1.43 finds subdirectories, hidden & system files
more control on wildcarding
v1.42a date/time/byte stamping pushed to far right of screen.
v1.42 Right justification of date/time stamps to have things line up.
v1.41 Added ability to read international settings.

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Archive   : FF147.ZIP
Filename : FF.DOC

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