Category : OS/2 Files
Archive   : COMMGA3.ZIP
Filename : COMINST.CMD

Output of file : COMINST.CMD contained in archive : COMMGA3.ZIP

@echo off
rem ****************************************************
rem *** Simple Installation utility for beta drivers ***
rem ****************************************************

if "%1"=="" goto ERROR1
if not exist %1\os2\com.sys goto ERROR2
if not exist comm.drv goto ERROR3

rename %1\os2\com.sys *.392
rename %1\os2\ *.392
rename %1\os2\mdos\vcom.sys *.392
rename %1\os2\mdos\winos2\system\comm.drv *.392

copy com.sys %1\os2\com.sys
copy %1\os2\
copy vcom.sys %1\os2\mdos\vcom.sys
copy comm.drv %1\os2\mdos\winos2\system\comm.drv

goto DONE

echo **** YOU MUST SUPPLY THE OS/2 DRIVE (I.E. C:) ****
goto DONE

if %2==99 goto DOIT
echo **** COM.SYS not found...Did you supply the correct Drive? ****
echo **** If you wish to Override, execute COMINST x: 99 where ****
echo **** x: is the correct drive letter ****
goto DONE

echo **** This is not the correct BETA Driver Floppy ****
echo **** You must be at the floppy prompt (i.e A:) ****
echo **** for this to work correctly!! ****
goto DONE

echo on