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Version 1.00 beta 07-Oct-1992

+ Initial release.

Version 1.10 beta 19-Oct-1992

+ Removed the qualifier /[no]Memory

+ Added UPDATE command

Version 1.20 11-Feb-1993

+ Added ability to handle file names within archives that
are longer than the 8.3 file naming convention. Any
paths will be stripped from name.

NOTE! This version will NOT work with previous version
of the database. All databases must be rebuilt.

+ First non-beta release.

Version 1.30 17-Mar-1993

+ Bug fix: Hours on files within the archives were being
adjusted incorrectly to a 24-hour clock. If the date on
the file was created during the noon hour (12:00pm to
12:59pm), ArcAnal would not recognize the file as valid.
If that was the only file in the archive, it would
announce that the archive was corrupted, or did not
contain any valid files. Also, if the file was created
during the midnight hour (00:00 to 00:59), ArcAnal would
mistakenly record this date as being between 12:00pm to

+ Removed the necessity for the keyword
FileSection_Directory. If this is not defined, ArcAnal
will use the same directory as defined in