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APING History

92/01/27 First Release on CPICPGMS
92/02/11 First Release on OS2TOOLS
92/03/16 Version 2.01
Added support in APING for userid and password
Added makefiles for Borland C++, IBM C Set/2
Eliminated many warnings when compiling with Borland C++
92/04/27 Added -n parameter to use SECURITY=NONE
This is especially useful with Extended Services to get
around the enhanced security=SAME support.
92/06/01 Added -1 parameter which allows you to ping one direction
only. This should provide marginally better performance
92/08/03 Version 2.31
Numerous source code enhancements and reorganizations.
Now supported on: AIX, OS/2, DOS, VM, MVS, AS/400.
92/08/24 Version 2.32
Fixes and enhancements:
- re-enabled setting of security information in .EXE files
- fixed problem setting sym dest name on MVS

- improved logging info to include source code info
92/09/21 Version 2.33
92/11/17 Version 2.34
Added display of remote operating system type