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Version 1.0 of 9/19/91
Copyright 1991 Samuel H. Smith

A shell program for use with
ZIP version 1.5 by E. Meyer

ZipLink is a small program works in conjunction with E. Meyer's ZIP 1.5
to provide a convienient "LapLink" like menu interface for communication
between two PCs connected via serial ports.

To use ZipLink you must first install and configure ZIP 1.5 to
communicate between computers.

With ZipLink, one machine always runs in "server mode" with the command
and the other runs ZIPLINK.

Once loaded, ZipLink automatically loads the directory from the remote
system and displays it. You can then use the cursor keys to select the
file you wish to receive. Press the ENTER key to receive the hilighted
file. If you hilight a directory name and press ENTER, the specified
subdirectory will be selected and displayed.

The following commands are also available:

Press L to switch from the remote directory display to a local
directory display. In Local mode, files you select are
transmitted to the remote machine and stored in the previously
selected remote directory.

Press R to switch back from the local directory to the remote
directory display. This function also causes the remote
directory to be reloaded when you are currently in the remote
directory display.

Press C to change to any desired directory. If you are in the
local directory display, the local directory will be changed.
Otherwise the remote directory will be changed. The newly
selected directory will be loaded and displayed for file

Press Q to exit ZipLink and return to DOS.

Press U to send the Unlink command to the remote computer
(causing it to exit to DOS) and then terminate ZipLink.

Here is an example of the ZipLink display:

Remote directory U:\ (39704k free) ZipLink 1.01

\BATCH . \BIN . \BIN1 . \BIN2 . \BOOST .
\CHKIT . \DL1 . \DL2 . \DL3 . \DL4 .
\DL5 . \DL6 . \DL7 . \DL8 . \DOS .
\PCB . \PCB1 . \PCB2 . \PCB3 . \PCRELAY .
\PLAY1 . \PLAY2 . \PLAY3 . \PLAY4 . \PROD .
\QC . \SCR1 . \SCR2 . \SCR3 . \SCR4 .
\TELIX9 . \TMP . \WIN .

(L)ocal (C)hdir (U)nlink (Q)uit [Local Directory = C:\ZIPF\]
Use   -> <- to select. ÄÙ to receive AUTOEXEC.BAT from remote.


Use this program at your own risk. I cannot be held
responsible for any damage or loss due to the use of this


There is no charge for personal use of this program. However,
if you like this program and want to encourage further
development and support, you may send a voluntary registration
of $10.00 to:
Samuel H. Smith
P. O. Box 4808
Panorama City CA 91412

Commercial or corporate users are required to register this
program after an initial 30 day evaluation period. The
registration fee is $10.00 per copy used in your orginization.
Other uses require a license agreement. Please contact the
author for additional information.

NOTE: Registration of ZipLink does not automatically entitle
you to use ZIP 1.5. You must register ZIP separately with the
program's author.


The latest version is always available for downloading from:
The Tool Shop BBS
(818) 891-6780


9-19-91 Version 1.0
Initial release.

9-20-91 Version 1.01
You can now specify the initial remote directory on the
ZipLink command line. For instance,
will start ziplink with U:\PCB\GEN as the initial remote
directory that is loaded.