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1¾«ø288889:W-Mail: A Lantastic network mail manager

WMail is my second Windows/Network application. The first one was WNet, which allows a user to login, logout, redirect devices, and cancel redirection of a network device. This program allows you to send, read and delete mail. A later version will probably be a MDI application which incorporates network functions as child windows in one main window (like program manager does with groups). Windows I plan to implement for WNet 2.0 (the MDI application) include:
"Server" Login/Logout/Update server list
"Resource" Select a server from a drop-down list, and redirect a listed device
"Mail" Send/Read/Delete mail (I hope to incorporate clipboard support)
"Print Queue" Control print queue. Control printers and jobs.
"Local Status" Shows your network statistics.
"User Activity" Show users on a server, and limited statistics.

If you have a better idea for a network interface, send me a drawing, or prototype an application using ToolBook, MS Visual Basic, etc. Also, if you can draw better than I can, maybe someone could make some better icons. Any user of this software is asked to send $5 or more to encourage me in writing a new version. Future versions may be marketed as true "ShareWare" where users are required to pay a registration fee. The last page has a survey that you can send along with your requests, suggestions or bug reports.


Lantasti Network Operating System
Windows 3.0 in Standard or Enhanced Mode (write me if you NEED real mode operation)

This program uses DPMI services to access the NetBIOS, and uses calls from the TECH.ZIP file on the Lantastic BBS. The DPMI specification came from the Intel BBS.

Problems with V1.0:

I haven't had any problems under ordinary circumstances, but once or twice Windows complained about network process not completed. I believe that was a result of someone rebooting our network server ... (we have a very small network).

Contact me at the address on the next page, or leave me a message on the Lantastic BBS, 602-293-0065, User 'Roy Tate' as would be expected.


V1.00 Initial release.

As a checklist, please verify the following requirements:
1. Windows installed with a Microsoft Network or 100% Compatible.
You can verify this by activating "Windows Setup"
2. This program was written on a VGA monitor, but should work properly on any Windows
compatible display.
3. This program requires Windows to be running in Protected Mode, ie. 286 mode or
386 Enhanced Mode. The program will inform you if this condition is not met, but you
can check from Program Manager's Help/About menu option.
4. Your computer must have the proper Lantastic network drivers and either a redirector or
a server loaded. The program will notify you if you do not have a netbios driver loaded,
but I didn't go to extremes, so check by trying to run NET from DOS to verify a valid
connection. Since this program only lists mail on active servers, you will also need to
login to a server. If you login after starting WMail, select "Update Queue" from Wmail's
system menu.



The system menu has two additional options, About and Update Queue.
About allows you to check the program version, and contains a short explanation of the purpose of this program.
Update Queue refreshes the main list box, and should be used to check for new mail, as well as after logging onto or off of a server.
Please note that the main window "remembers" its location when you close it. It uses a file named wnet.ini to hold this information. If this file doesn't exist, it will be created.


Send: Send a mail message to any user on any server that you are logged onto. The file can be either a file, or a typed message. If no text is in the message box, or if no file is selected, no mail will be sent.
Read: Read a selected mail message. This brings up a sizable window with the mail message.
Note that I do not have a Copy-To-File option yet, but the MDI version will.
Delete: Delete the selected mail message. This does not circumvent the normal network security features.
Roy Tate
Rt 2, Box 1850
Bartlesville, OK 74003

Please rate the following proposed features.

1. Indicate whether current machine is Server or Redirector, and if LanPup is installed.
Display as part of the "Local Status" window?

2. Change Password. Will prompt for old and new password.

3. Get your Account Information such as name, description, priveleges,
concurrent logins, allowed login time, last login, and password expiration info.

4. Send/Receive Messages (only receive while WNet is active)
This is an 80 byte text line.

5. Printer Queue status box, showing the status of each queue.

6. Edit fields in printer queue. This feature requires a certain amount of disk space for
a working file (equal to size of print job). Will not allow editing of a despooling job.
Specify KEEP or VOICE flags
Number of copies
Change receiving user for mail messages
Change/Add comment (this is the title for a mail message). Comment editing actually
requires enough space to create another copy of the queue entry.

7. Control Printer Queue: Cancel, Hold, Release, Rush, Start, Halt, Halt at end of job,
pause, single job, Restart for one job, one printer or all printer (as appropriate).

8. Printer status box, showing whether each printer is disabled, running a single job, or
running multiple jobs.

9. List of all logged-in users, showing user name, last command, number of I/O bytes,
number of server requests, name of remote machine, priveleges.

10. List of users accounts on a server.

11. Get Server's Time. Tell me how to use this information, should I display it on a general info page, put it in the server list box, or maybe put it in the User Status window.

12. Get/Set Redirected printer time-out.

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About allows you to check the program version, and conta Helvexplanation of the purpose of this program.
Update Queue refreshes the main list box, and should be used to check f

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