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This README file accompanies VAPTIME.ZIP for NETWARE v2.15 rev c and v2.2. The
following file(s) is included for this revision:

VAPTIME.VAP 17335 01-29-91
VTCONFIG.EXE 24916 01-15-91

This new VAP is intended for the 286 OS and fixes the problem of the file
server losing time.

The fix, VAPTIME.VAP, periodically reads the calendar clock(RTC) and resets
the FileServerTime.

This update process can occur at any given time interval within allowed
parameters. The minimum time period that the update can occur is once each
minute, or 1092 ticks. The maximum time period that the update can occur is
65,535 ticks, or approximately once every 60 minutes.

To implement the fix:

1) Copy VAPTIME.VAP and VTCONFIG.EXE into SYS:SYSTEM directory.

2) As supervisor, use Syscon to create a user and assign a password.
To use the values for user and password which are hard coded in
VAPTIME.VAP, create user VAPTIME, with password VAP. In order
to change the time, the user created must be given supervisor
rights or be a file server console operator.

3) Change default settings for user, password and delay interval, if
desired by executing VTCONFIG in the same directory as
VAPTIME.VAP. The default settings are:

DELAY: 1092 TICKS (1 min)

Display ON means VAPTIME parameters are displayed at the file
server each time the vap reads the calendar clock and updates the
file server time. These options can be set by executing
VTCONFIG.EXE at a workstation.

To execute VTCONFIG:
Type VTCONFIG at the command prompt. At the prompt for the user
name, enter VAPTIME, or user name that was created in step 2. At
prompt for password, enter VAPTIME, or the new password created in
step 2. Enter in delay interval in clock ticks. (18.2 ticks = 1
second.) Select yes for display of VAPTIME parameters each time
the file server vap updates the time, or select no if display is
not desired.

4) Reboot file server and select yes to load the VAPS. The message
"updating FileserverDateAndTime" is displayed. If the option was
chosen, the VAPTIME parameters are displayed on the file server
each time the file server time is updated.

5) At the file server console prompt there are three options
available to modify this vap:

:VTDISPLAYOFF turn off display of file server time updates.
:VTDISPLAYON turn on display of file server time updates.
:VTCONFIG reconfigure time interval of time update.

Since VTCONFIG writes to the file VAPTIME.VAP, there is a security issue:
VTCONFIG.EXE writes the user and password to the file VAPTIME.VAP, therefore
the file VAPTIME.VAP is a password source. It is suggested that if the
SYS:SYSTEM directory is accessible by regular users then change the password
for user VAPTIME after the VAPTIME.VAP has been loaded and the file server is
up or delete user VAPTIME after the file server is up and vaps are loaded.


Novell, Inc. makes no representations or warranties with respect to this
software patch, and specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties
of merchantability, title, or fitness for a particular purpose.
Novell's intentions for this software patch is to provide a temporary
work-around to the anomalies described in this file. Such work-arounds are
typically addressed in future releases of NetWare.
Novell will not be responsible for any data loss that may result from
implementing this patch. Novell strongly recommends a backup be made before
any patch is applied. Technical support for this patch is provided at the
discretion of Novell.


ALWAYS backup your system before implementing any program/utility revision
involving the low-level functions of NetWare including re-linking of
operating system .OBJ files, Bindery utilities, drive and volume operation,