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SHOWUSER (c) 1991 Danmar Systems Inc.

Danmar Systems Inc.
6031 SW 128 Ct.
Miami, FL 33183

License Agreement

To recieve a registered version of the program along with information
on updates, please return the application below.

Danmar Systems Inc. is in no event liable for direct, indirect,
incidental, special or consequential damage resulting from use of
this program or any mistakes in the documentation. The user of the
program assumes any responsibility resulting from the use of this
program. Furthermore, Danmar Systems Inc disclaims any warranties,
written, expressed, or implied previously set forth. The warranty
set forth is exclusive and in lieu of all others. Danmar Systems
Inc. also reserves the right to make changes to the software and
documentation without notice. You may have legal rights that do
not allow for any limitations of warranties. This varies from state
to state and may apply to the owner. Local laws need to be checked.

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Danmar Systems Inc.
6031 SW 128 Ct.
Miami, FL 33183

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