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Novell Spool Controller
====== ===== ==========

This program is copyrighted by Mike Wixon, 1986. The routines used are
included for your reference. The entire source to the program can not
be released as it contains some routines from the Turbo Power Tools Plus
by Blaise Computing.


The memory resident spool utility is distributed using the shareware concept.
If you or your company use the utility I ask that you send me a $15.00 per
server donation. This fee will allow you to obtain updates and enhancments
as they are devloped. Please send the donation to:

Mike Wixon
608 Greenwood Ave.
Maple Shade, NJ 08052

The utilities:

The main utility included in this package is the file. This
is a memory resident program that works in conjunction with the Novell
Netware operating system. Once loaded, the program is invoked by hitting
the Alt-S keys together. This action will display a menu of options.
The first four options pertain to the system LST: catch spooler. These
options are self explanitory except for cancel queue. Cancel queue
will cancel any input that has been intercepted so far from LPT1: and
ALSO stop the spool catch.

The last option allows you to do the equivlent of a Netware NPRINT command
from within an application. When you select this option it will open a
second window, allowing you to enter a file name to print. The system
uses the spool existing file NETWARE call to perform this.

Include files:

Two include files are also contained within this ARC. These are the two
routines I wrote to control spooling activities. The first, SPOOLCNT.INC
will control the LST: catch spooler. You pass it an interger value as

0 = Start spool
1 = Stop spool
2 = Cancel spool
3 = Release spool without stopping.*

* This call is not compataible with any Netware version under 2.0. See note
below for fix.

The Second include file is SPOOLOUT.INC which accepts a file name as a sting
and performs the network "print existing file".


Netware users below ver 2.0

Some functions of the utility will not work with your system
This can be readly fixed however with a function call change. To obtain
this version send $20.00 instead of $15.00 to cover the cost of a diskette
and shipping.

Please send any bug reports or comments to the above address or to
EasyPlex #76656,1452.

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