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SLOCK.EXE -- Show Connection File Lock
Version 1.020

Type SLOCK /? for command line options. Some items to note:

All input has a multi-wildcard interface. That is to say
if you type "*he*" all items that have the letters "he" in
them will be selected. If you input "h*sa*m" all items that
start with "h" have an "sa" in the middle, and end in "m"
will be selected. The interface also supports wild-characters
with the "?".

Multiple options of the same type may be used. For example, if
we wish to view the file(s) that the users MSMITH and MJONES have
open, but we wish to exclude the files "*.TMP" and "*.SWP" we can
type "SLOCK msmith mjones /e=*.tmp /e=*.swp".

Server names may also be included in the search option. For example
if we wish to see all open files for user MJONES on the server
named "ACCT" we can type "SLOCK acct/mjones". We can also have
wildcards in the server name. ie. "SLOCK ac*/mjo*"

Connection numbers are also supported. "SLOCK server/10"

You can, of course, mix everything all together.
"SLOCK acct/10 eng/2 eng/*smith /e=msmith /f=wp.fil /f=123* /ef=123.def"

SLOCK_ARG is the environment variable.
Type "SET SLOCK_ARG=/Options" where /Options is the
command(s) you wish to use every time you execute SLOCK.
For example, if you wish to exclude the server "ACCT" from every
search you perform with SLOCK, then type "SET SLOCK_ARG=/e=acct/*"

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Archive   : SLOCK.ZIP
Filename : SLOCK.DOC

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