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(ver 1.3)

SignOut is a is an electronic office worker sign-out "board". It will work
with Novell or nearly any other network software. It requires only 7K of RAM
when it's waiting in the background for you to press its hotkey.

NOTE: When you pass SignOut to your friends, provide only copies of the
ORIGINAL files. NEVER, NEVER pass along copies of the program that
you've already used on your hard disk, because using the program alters
some of its files (making them unsuitable for your friends).

To install SignOut:

1: Copy all the files supplied with Nouveau to a "MANAGEX" directory on
your server's hard disk.
2: Print the documentation by entering "TYPE SIGNOUT.DOC >PRN" at the
DOS prompt.
3: Read the documentation thoroughly.
4: To start SignOut, move to the MANAGEX directory of your hard disk and
enter "so" at the DOS prompt.

Note: This, and all other late versions of Integra software may be found on
AV-Sync (404) 320-6202.