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LAN Sharks
P.O. Box 825
Reisterstown, MD 21136


Electronic Mail was one of the first multi-user applications you
planned to use on your LAN. However, the E-Mail package you

a.) was too difficult for the other users on your network

b.) demanded too much resident memory on your PCs -- even
if you only wanted to be notified when new mail arrives

c.) was an administration headache -- mail accounts were
maintained separately from network user accounts, and the
mail package required a sign-on step separate from the
network login!

d.) All of the above

e.) Any of the above

If you have any of these complaints about your network mail
system -- you're not using SharkMAIL.

Don't let the name fool you!

Finally, there's an electronic mail system for Novell networks
that's easy to use. SharkMAIL requires no separate
administration -- all user information is pulled from the Netware
bindery at run-time -- with no complicated set-up or install.
Plus, SharkMAIL supports multiple file servers in a Novell
internetwork -- without dedicated mail servers!

If you want pop-up notifications when new mail arrives -- you'll
sacrifice no memory -- SharkMAIL integrates with the Netware
message broadcasting facility already present in your network

If you want to run the entire SharkMAIL package memory-resident
to send and receive messages without exiting your current
application -- SharkMAIL requires a modest 35KB. And, if
SharkMAIL can detect available expanded or extended memory,
SharkMAIL will hide most of the program there -- occupying no
more than 800 bytes of conventional memory! What's more, if
you're limited to DOS' 640KB, and 35KB sounds like too much
memory, SharkMAIL's new Minimal Memory Mode uses a disk overlay
strategy to reduce resident requirements to 976 bytes.

No, it's not too good to be true -- and for a limited time (until
August 1), you can purchase SharkMAIL for only $200.
Send $1 (postage and handling) today for a demo version of
SharkMAIL and additional LAN Sharks product information. You'll
understand immediately why all other LAN E-Mail systems are


This demonstration version of SharkMAIL contains all features of
the commercial version with the exception of SharkMAIL's advanced
memory management techniques. The full retail version of
SharkMAIL supports Expanded Memory, Extended Memory or a Disk
Overlay Strategy to reduce resident requirements to under 1KB on
most PCs. The demo version of SharkMAIL will always consume 64KB
of resident memory. The demo version of SharkMAIL also pauses
when it is loaded into memory to remind you that it is not the
retail version.

SharkMAIL is copyright 1989 by Brett Warthen (for LAN Sharks).
You are granted license to use this demonstration copy of
SharkMAIL for testing and product evaluation purposes ONLY. The
full retail version of SharkMAIL is available for a special
introductory price of $200 (price will increase to $250 effective
August 1, 1989) from LAN Sharks. Refer to the attached order
form for ordering information.

Loading the Demo Version:

1.) All users must be given WOC (Write Open and Create)
privileges to the SYS:MAIL directory. This allows them
to update other user's personal mail boxes. The
standard default privileges that Netware gives users is
WC. The NetWare GRANT command can be used to assign
these privileges:


2.) If you wish to test inter-network capabilities, a user
named GUEST must exist on all inter-networked file
servers without a password, and have WOC access to each
server's SYS:MAIL directories. If security is a
concern, remove GUEST from the group EVERYONE, and
restrict GUEST access only to the SYS:MAIL directory.
Use the same GRANT command outlined above:


3.) Copy MAILDEMO.COM to the SYS:PUBLIC directory of your
file server, and execute, or execute it off of the demo

For questions and/or inquiries about SharkMAIL or other SharkWare
products, contact LAN Sharks at the above address, or on
CompuServe on account 73270,405.


SharkMAIL defaults to a hot-key of -. This hot key can
be changed by specifying an alternate hot-key when SharkMAIL is
loaded, or at any later time by re-executing SharkMAIL and
specifying a different hot-key. SharkMAIL will load into memory
only one time.

To change the hot-key, type MAILDEMO y, where y is any ALPHABETIC
character (i.e., A-Z). This will change the hot-key to
plus the key specified.

To use the key instead of the key, type MAILDEMO #,
followed by an alphabetic key if desired. (MAILDEMO # will
default to -.)

To unload SharkMAIL, use the /U parameter (i.e., MAILDEMO /U).

Direct any comments or inquiries to CompuServe account 73270,405.


| Product | Price | Qty | Your Price |
| SharkMAIL for DOS | $250 | | |
| **before 08/01/89** | $200 | | |
| SharkMAIL for OS/2 | $200 | | |
| BOTH SharkMAIL | $350 | | |
| for DOS & OS/2 | | | |

| Maryland Residents add 5% Sales Tax | |

| TOTAL | |

Mail completed order form with check payable to:

LAN Sharks
P.O. Box 825
Reisterstown, MD 21136


Postage and Handling is Included.

SharkMAIL for OS/2 is an OS/2 Presentation Manager implementation
of SharkMAIL, to be released June 1, 1989.

Direct any comments or inquiries to CompuServe account 73270,405.

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