Category : Network Files
Archive   : SEC286.ZIP
Filename : PASSFIX2.FIX

Output of file : PASSFIX2.FIX contained in archive : SEC286.ZIP

/* This file is used to fix a password problem in NetWare 2.15C. It may be
applied using the accompanying ZAPOBJ program. It is to be applied to second-
half NetWare server OS object files, except for ELS NetWare. The object file
for 5.25" media is found in the OSOBJ directory (or volume if NETGENning from
floppies) of the NETGEN area. For complete details about the problem and how
to apply this patch to your NetWare installation, please read the accompanying
READ_ME file */

offset=0f41; find=8b562013d38b463a; replace=e91e130000e93813;
offset=2262; find=000000; replace=8b5620;
offset=2265; find=0000; replace=13d3;
offset=2267; find=000000; replace=83c101;
offset=226a; find=000000; replace=83d200;
offset=226d; find=000000; replace=8b463a;
offset=2270; find=000000; replace=e9d6ec;
offset=0f66; find=8b562013d3; replace=e90a130000;
offset=2273; find=000000; replace=8b5620;
offset=2276; find=0000; replace=13d3;
offset=2278; find=000000; replace=83c101;
offset=227b; find=000000; replace=83d200;
offset=227e; find=000000; replace=e9eaec;
offset=0f9b; find=8be5; replace=eba9;
offset=2281; find=0000; replace=8be5;
offset=2283; find=0000; replace=85c0;
offset=2285; find=0000; replace=740d;
offset=2287; find=00; replace=1e;
offset=2288; find=00; replace=07;
offset=2289; find=0000; replace=33c0;
offset=228b; find=000000; replace=8b7e12;
offset=228e; find=000000; replace=b90500;
offset=2291; find=00; replace=fc;
offset=2292; find=0000; replace=f3ab;
offset=2294; find=000000; replace=e906ed;
offset=103a; find=8be58d4626; replace=e95a120000;
offset=2297; find=0000; replace=8be5;
offset=2299; find=0000; replace=85c0;
offset=229b; find=0000; replace=740d;
offset=229d; find=00; replace=1e;
offset=229e; find=00; replace=07;
offset=229f; find=0000; replace=33c0;
offset=22a1; find=000000; replace=8b7e12;
offset=22a4; find=000000; replace=b90500;
offset=22a7; find=00; replace=fc;
offset=22a8; find=0000; replace=f3ab;
offset=22aa; find=000000; replace=8d4626;
offset=22ad; find=000000; replace=e98fed;