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version equ 8

include defs.asm

; The following people have contributed to this code: David Horne, Eric
; Henderson, Bob Clements, Reinhard Strebler, Jan Engvald LDC, and Paul
; Kranenberg.

; Copyright, 1988-1992, Russell Nelson, Crynwr Software

; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
; the Free Software Foundation, version 1.
; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
; GNU General Public License for more details.
; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
; along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
; Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

code segment byte public
assume cs:code, ds:code

; Stuff specific to the Western Digital WD8003E Ethernet controller board
; C version by Bob Clements, K1BC, May 1988 for the KA9Q TCP/IP package

; The EN registers - First, the board registers

EN_CMD equ 000h ; Board's command register
EN_REG1 equ 001h ; 8013 bus size register
EN_REG5 equ 005h ; New command register (REGISTER 5)
EN_REG6 equ 006h ; Ultra interrupt control register
EN_SAPROM equ 008h ; Window on station addr prom
EN_REGE equ 00eh ; Board Id (code) byte

EN_OFF equ 10h

ENDCFG_BM8 equ 48h

include movemem.asm

; Board commands in EN_CMD
EN_RESET equ 080h ; Reset the board
EN_MEMEN equ 040h ; Enable the shared memory
EN_MEM_MASK equ 03fh ; B18-B13 of address of the shared memory

; Bits in REG1
ENR1_BUS16BIT equ 001h ; Bus is 16 bits

; Commands for REG5 register
ENR5_MEM16EN equ 080h ; Enable 16 bit memory access from bus (8013)
ENR5_LAN16EN equ 040h ; Enable 16 bit memory access from chip (8013)
ENR5_MEM_MASK equ 01fh ; B23-B19 of address of the memory (8013)
ENR5_LA19 equ 001h ; B19 of address of the memory (8013)
ENR5_EIL equ 004h ; Enable 8390 interrupts to bus (microchannel)

; Commands for REG6 register
ENR6_EIL equ 001h ; Enable 8390 interrupts to bus (Ultra)

; Bits in the REGE register
ENRE_MICROCHANEL equ 080h ; Microchannel bus (vs. PC/AT)
ENRE_LARGERAM equ 040h ; Large RAM
ENRE_SOFTCONFIG equ 020h ; Soft config
ENRE_REVMASK equ 01eh ; Revision mask
ENRE_ETHERNET equ 001h ; Ethernet (vs. Starlan)

; Shared memory management parameters

SM_TSTART_PG equ 0 ; First page of TX buffer
SM_RSTART_PG equ 6 ; Starting page of ring
SM_RSTOP_PG equ 32 ; Last page +1 of ring

; End of WD8003E parameter definitions

board_features db 0 ; Board features
BF_MEM16EN equ 1 ; 16-bit board, enable 16-bit memory
BF_16K equ 2 ; Board has 16 KB or shared memory
BF_584 equ 4 ; Board has 584 interface chip
BF_NIC_690 equ 32 ; Board has 690 NIC chip

pause_ macro
; jmp $+2
; The reason for the pause_ macro is to establish a minimum time between
; accesses to the card hardware. The assumption is that the fetch and execution
; of the jmp $+2 instruction will provide this time. In a fast cache machine
; this may be a false assumption. In a fast cache machine, there may be
; NO REAL TIME DIFFERENCE between the two I/O instruction streams below:
; in al,dx in al,dx
; jmp $+2
; in al,dx in al,dx
; To establish a minimum delay, an I/O instruction must be used. A good rule of
; thumb is that ISA I/O instructions take ~1.0 microseconds and MCA I/O
; instructions take ~0.5 microseconds. Reading the NMI Status Register (0x61)
; is a good way to pause on all machines.
; The National 8390 Chip (NIC) requires 4 bus clocks between successive
; chip selects (National DP8390 Data Sheet Addendum, June 1990 -- it took them
; long enough to figure this out and tell everyone) or the NIC behaves badly.
; Therefor one I/O instruction should be inserted between each successive
; NIC I/O instruction that could occur 'back - to - back' on a fast cache
; machine.
; - gft - 910529
push ax
in al, 61h
pop ax

reset_8390 macro
loadport ; First, pulse the board reset
setport EN_CMD
mov al,EN_RESET ;Turn on board reset bit
out dx,al
xor al,al ;Turn off board reset bit
out dx,al
setport EN_REG5
mov al,ENR5_EIL
test sys_features,SYS_MCA
jz reset_no_mc
out dx,al ; enable 8390 interrupts to bus
setport EN_REG6
mov al,ENR6_EIL
out dx,al

terminate_board macro

; The following three values may be overridden from the command line.
; If they are omitted from the command line, these defaults are used.

public int_no, io_addr, mem_base
int_no db 3,0,0,0 ; Interrupt level
io_addr dw 0280h,0 ; I/O address for card (jumpers)
mem_base dw 0d000h,0 ; Shared memory addr (software)

public driver_class, driver_type, driver_name, driver_function, parameter_list
driver_class db BLUEBOOK, IEEE8023, 0 ;from the packet spec
driver_type db 14 ;from the packet spec
driver_name db 'SMC_WD',0 ;name of the driver.
driver_function db 2
parameter_list label byte
db 1 ;major rev of packet driver
db 9 ;minor rev of packet driver
db 14 ;length of parameter list
db EADDR_LEN ;length of MAC-layer address
dw GIANT ;MTU, including MAC headers
dw MAX_MULTICAST * EADDR_LEN ;buffer size of multicast addrs
dw 0 ;(# of back-to-back MTU rcvs) - 1
dw 0 ;(# of successive xmits) - 1
int_num dw 0 ;Interrupt # to hook for post-EOI
;processing, 0 == none,

extrn sys_features: byte

;enter with cx = byte count, ds:si = buffer location, ax = buffer address
assume ds:nothing
mov es,mem_base ; Set up ES:DI at the shared RAM
mov di,ax ; ..
; Can't use movemem which word aligns to the source, but needs to word
; align to the destination writing to WD8003ET/A. Fortunately works for
; all cards.
inc cx ; if odd bytes round up.
and cx,not 1
call rcopy_subr

ret ; End of transmit-start routine

;enter with cx = byte count, es:di = buffer location, ax = board address.
; Old version checked size, memory space, queue length here. Now done
; in higher level code.
; Set cx to length of this frame.
assume ds:nothing,es:nothing
push ds
mov ds,mem_base ; ds:si points at first byte to move
mov si,ax

cmp cx,GIANT
jbe rcv_size_ok ; is the size sane?
cmp ch,cl ; is it starlan bug (dup of low byte)
jne rcv_size_not_ok ; no.
;fix the starlan bug
mov ch,ds:[si+EN_RBUF_NXT_PG] ; Page after this frame
cmp ch,bl
ja rcv_frm_no_wrap
add ch,byte ptr cs:sm_rstop_ptr ; Wrap if needed
dec ch
sub ch,bl
dec ch
cmp cx,GIANT
jbe rcv_size_ok ; is the size sane?
mov cx,GIANT ; no, restore sanity.

add ax,cx ; Find the end of this frame.
cmp ah,byte ptr cs:sm_rstop_ptr ; Over the top of the ring?
jb rcopy_one_piece ; Go move it

; Copy in two pieces due to buffer wraparound.
mov ah,byte ptr cs:sm_rstop_ptr ; Compute length of first part
xor al,al
sub ax,si ; as all of the pages up to wrap point
sub cx,ax ; Move the rest in second part
push cx ; Save count of second part
mov cx,ax ; Count for first move
call rcopy_subr
mov si,SM_RSTART_PG*256 ; Offset to start of first receive page
pop cx ; Bytes left to move
call rcopy_subr
pop ds

test board_features,BF_MEM16EN; Is this a WD8013?
je sm_wd8003 ; no, no need to enable 16-bit access.
loadport ; Base of device
setport EN_REG5 ; Enable 16-bit access
mov al,ENR5_MEM16EN+ENR5_LAN16EN+ENR5_LA19
out dx,al
call movemem ; Copy packet
mov al,ENR5_LAN16EN+ENR5_LA19 ; Disable 16-bit access to WD8013
out dx,al
call movemem ; Copy packet

include 8390.asm

public usage_msg
usage_msg db "usage:",CR,LF
db " SMC_WD [options] [-o] ",CR,LF,'$'

public copyright_msg
copyright_msg db "Packet driver for SMC/WD/IBM Ethernet adapters, version "
db '0'+(majver / 10),'0'+(majver mod 10),".",'0'+version,".",'0'+dp8390_version,CR,LF
db "Portions Copyright 1988, Robert C. Clements, K1BC",CR,LF
db "Portions Copyright 1992, 1993, Crynwr Software",CR,LF,'$'

not_our_msg label byte
db "The memory present at this address does not belong to WD/SMC/IBM",CR,LF,'$'
no_board_msg label byte
db "WD/SMC/IBM apparently not present at this memory address.",CR,LF,'$'
bad_cksum_msg label byte
db "WD/SMC/IBM not at this I/O address (or address PROM bad). Re-set parameters",CR,LF
db "with EZSETUP, or check jumpers.",CR,LF,'$'
bad_board_msg label byte
db "Suggested WD/SMC/IBM memory address is invalid.",CR,LF,'$'
occupied_msg label byte
db "Suggested WD/SMC/IBM memory address already occupied.",CR,LF,'$'
addr_bad_msg db "Memory address should be less than 65536.",CR,LF,'$'
using_16bits db "Accessing the board using 16 bits of data.",CR,LF,'$'
needs_16k_msg db "Please reconfigure the board to use 16K of RAM",CR,LF,'$'
int_no_name db "Interrupt number ",'$'
io_addr_name db "I/O port ",'$'
mem_base_name db "Memory address ",'$'
nic_name db "NIC ",'$'

occupied_switch db 0 ;if zero, don't use occupied test.
nic_number dw ?

extrn set_recv_isr: near
extrn skip_blanks: near

;enter with si -> argument string, di -> word to store.
;if there is no number, don't change the number.
extrn get_number: near

;enter with dx -> name of word, di -> dword to print.
extrn print_number: near

;enter with dx:ax = number to print
extrn decout: near

;print a crlf.
extrn crlf: near

public parse_args
call skip_blanks
cmp al,'-' ;did they specify a switch?
jne not_switch
cmp byte ptr [si+1],'o' ;did they specify '-o'?
je got_occupied_switch
stc ;no, must be an error.
mov occupied_switch,1
add si,2 ;skip past the switch's characters.
jmp parse_args ;go parse more arguments.
test sys_features,SYS_MCA
jnz do_mc_defaults
jmp just_parse_args

; channel selector resides at io 96h
; POS register base is at io 100h
; WD8003E ID is one of 6FC0h, 6FC1h or 6FC2h
; SMC ID is one of 61c8h or 61c9h.
; IBM Ethernet Adapter A is EFE5h

; search thro' the slots for a wd8003e card
mov cx, 8 ; for all channels(slots)

; channel select value for slots 0,1,2.. is 8,9,A etc
; start with slot 0, and then 7,6,5,4,3,2,1
mov ax, cx ; channel number
or ax, 08h ; reg. select value
mov dx, 96h ; channel select register
out dx, al ; select channel

; read adapter id
mov dx, 101h
in al, dx ; adapter id - ms byte
mov ah, al
dec dx
in al, dx ; adapter id - ls byte

; Check if wd8003e
cmp ax, 06FC0h ;WD8003E/A or WD8003ET/A
je get_10
cmp ax, 06FC1h ;WD8003ST/A (Starlan)
je get_10
cmp ax, 06FC2h ;WD8003W/A
je get_10
;SMC's new IDs:
cmp ax, 061C8h ;WD8013EP/A
je get_20
cmp ax, 061C9h ;WD8013WP/A
je get_20
; Check if IBM Ethernet Adapter A
cmp ax, 0EFE5h ;long card
je get_12
cmp ax, 0EFD4h ;short card, BNC
je get_20
cmp ax, 0EFD5h ;short card, RJ_45
je get_20
loop get_05

mov dx,offset no_WD8003E_msg
mov etopen_diagn,37

db "WD/SMC/IBM board apparently not found.",CR,LF,'$'

int_xlate db 03,04,10,15

jmp get_21

; found our Adapter

; Get WD8003E I/O Address ( read POS Register 0 )
mov dx,102h
in al,dx
and ax,0F0h
jmp short get_17
; Get long Ethernet Adapter/A I/O address
mov dx,102h
in al,dx
and ax,0FEh
mov cl,4
shl ax,cl
mov io_addr,ax
; Get WD8003E shared RAM memory address (read POS Register 1 )
xor ax,ax
mov dx,103h
in al,dx
and al,0FCh
xchg al,ah
mov mem_base,ax
; Get WD8003E IRQ (read POS Register 3 )
xor ax,ax
mov dx,105h
in al,dx
and al,003h
mov bx,offset int_xlate
mov int_no,al
jmp short just_parse_args

int_xlate_20 db 03,04,10,14

; Get short Ethernet Adapter/A I/O Address ( read POS Register 0 )
mov dx,102h
in al,dx
and ax,00F0h
or al,08h
xchg al,ah
mov io_addr,ax
; Get short Ethernet Adapter/A shared RAM memory address (read POS Register 1 )
mov dx,103h
in al,dx
test al,10000b
je get_21_needs_16k
and ax,0fh
shl al,1
or al,0c0h
xchg al,ah
mov mem_base,ax
; Get short Ethernet Adapter/A IRQ (read POS Register 3 )
xor ax,ax
mov dx,105h
in al,dx
shr al,1
shr al,1
and al,003h
mov bx,offset int_xlate_20
mov int_no,al

mov di,offset int_no
call get_number
mov di,offset io_addr
call get_number
mov di,offset mem_base
call get_number

mov dx,offset needs_16k_msg
mov ah,9
int 21h

extrn etopen_diagn: byte
mov dx,offset occupied_msg
mov etopen_diagn,34
mov dx,offset bad_cksum_msg
mov etopen_diagn,37
mov dx,offset bad_board_msg
mov etopen_diagn,37
mov dx,offset not_our_msg
mov etopen_diagn,37
mov dx,offset no_board_msg
mov etopen_diagn,37

ENC_PAGE2 equ 080h ; select page 2 of chip registers
TCR_TST_690 equ 018h ; 690 xmit config test value

;see if TXCR, when modified, also appears on page 2.
;enter with the bit value to test in cl.
setport EN_CCMD ; select page 0.
out dx,al

setport EN0_TXCR ; write test value to xmit
mov al,cl ; config register
out dx,al

setport EN_CCMD ; select page 2
out dx,al

setport EN0_TXCR ; read xmit config register
in al,dx
and al,TCR_TST_690
cmp al,cl

; Now get the board's physical address from on-board PROM into card_hw_addr
assume ds:code

mov nic_number, 8390 ; assume 8390

if 0 ;the following screws up on a 486/50, and the 690 support code doesn't
;seem to be really necessary anyway.
mov cl,0h
call test_tcr
jne check_690_1
call test_tcr
jne check_690_1
call test_tcr
jne check_690_1
call test_tcr
je check_690_2

or board_features, BF_NIC_690
mov nic_number, 690 ; yes, it's a 690
mov rcv_modes+2[4*2],0 ;nuke mode 4 -- the 690 has no hash tbl.

setport EN_CCMD ; back to page 0
out dx, al

mov al, ENTXCR_LOOP ; back to loopback mode
setport EN0_TXCR
out dx, al

test sys_features,SYS_MCA
jz etopen_no_mc
or board_features,BF_16K
or endcfg,ENDCFG_WTS
setport EN_REG5
mov al,ENR5_EIL
out dx,al ; enable 8390 interrupts to bus
jmp etopen_have_id
etopen_no_mc: ; Check for WD8013EBT
loadport ; WD8013EBT doesn't have register alaasing
setport EN_CMD ; Register 0 may be aliased to Register 8
mov bx, dx
setport EN_SAPROM
mov cx, EN_SAPROM-EN_CMD ; Check 8 bytes
in al, dx ; Get one register
mov ah, al
xchg bx, dx ; Switch to other register
in al, dx ; Get other register
cmp al, ah ; Are they the same?
jne not_aliased ; Nope, not aliased
inc bx ; Increment register pair
inc dx
dec cx ; Decrement loop counter
jne alias_loop ; Finished?
jmp etopen_have_id ; Aliased; not WD8013EBT
not_aliased: ; Not aliased; Check for 16-bit board
setport EN_REG1 ; Bit 0 must be unmodifiable
in al, dx ; Get register 1
mov bl, al ; Store original value
xor al, ENR1_BUS16BIT ; Flip bit 0
out dx, al ; Write it back
and al, ENR1_BUS16BIT ; Throw other bits away
mov ah, al ; Store bit value
in al, dx ; Read register again
and al, ENR1_BUS16BIT ; Throw other bits away
cmp al, ah ; Was it modified?
jne board16bit ; No; board is a WD8013EBT !
mov al, bl ; Get original value
out dx, al ; Write it back
jmp etopen_have_id
board16bit: ; But is it plugged into a 16-bit slot?
and al, ENR1_BUS16BIT ; Throw other bits away
je etopen_have_id ; Nope; silly board installer!
mov dx,offset using_16bits
mov ah,9
int 21h
or board_features,BF_MEM16EN+BF_16K
or endcfg,ENDCFG_WTS
setport EN_REG5
mov al,ENR5_LAN16EN+ENR5_LA19 ; Write LA19 now, but not MEM16EN
out dx,al ; enable 8390 interrupts to bus


loadport ; base of device
setport EN_SAPROM ; Where the address prom is
cld ; make sure string mode is right
movseg es,cs
mov di, offset rom_address
mov cx, EADDR_LEN ; Set count for loop
xor bx, bx ; Clear the addr ROM checksum
in al,dx ; Get a byte of address
stosb ; Feed it to caller
add bl,al ; Compute the checksum
inc dx ; Next byte at next I/O port
loop ini_addr_loop ; Loop over six bytes

in al, dx ; Get seventh byte
add bl, al ; Add it in
inc dx ; Step to eighth byte
in al, dx ; Get last byte
add bl, al ; Final checksum
cmp bl, 0ffh ; Correct?
je good_cksum
jmp bad_cksum ; No, board is not happy

cmp mem_base.offs,0 ;low word of segment can't be zero.
je mem_base_bad
cmp mem_base.segm,0 ;high word of segment must be zero.
je mem_base_ok
mov dx,offset addr_bad_msg

; Check if the shared memory address range is available to us
mov bx,mem_base
cmp occupied_switch,0 ; did they insist?
jne no_lim_chk ; yes, don't check.
cmp bh,080h ; low limit is 8000
jae fr_8000
jmp bad_memory
cmp bh,0f0h ; upper limit is F000
jae bad_memory_j_1
test bx,01ffh ; must be on a 8 k boundary
jnz bad_memory_j_1
mov di,8*1024/16 ; 8 kbyte
mov sm_rstop_ptr,32
test board_features,BF_16K
jz just_8k
test bx,03ffh ; must be on a 16K boundary
jnz bad_memory_j_1
mov di,16*1024/16 ; 16 kbytes
mov sm_rstop_ptr,64
cmp occupied_switch,0 ; did they insist?
jne is_avail ; yes, don't check.
call occupied_chk ; check if address range is available
jnc is_avail
jmp addr_not_avail ; we HAVE to have at least 8/16 kbyte
test board_features,BF_16K
jnz not_32k
mov di,32*1024/16 ; may be there is space for 32 kbyte
call occupied_chk
jc not_32k ; no, then don't try it later either
and bh,7
jnz not_32k ; must be on a 32k boundary
mov sm_rstop_ptr,128 ; yes, there is space for a WD8003EBT

; Turn on the shared memory block
setport EN_CMD ; Point at board command register
mov ax, mem_base ; Find where shared memory will be mapped
mov al, ah ; Shift to right location
shr al, 1 ; in the map control word
and al, EN_MEM_MASK ; Just these bits
or al, EN_MEMEN ; Command to turn on map
test sys_features,SYS_MCA
jz AT_card
mov al,EN_MEMEN ; membase handled different for MC card
out dx, al ; Create that memory

; Find how much memory this card has (without destroying other memory)
mov si,ax ; save bord command value
mov es,mem_base
mov bl,0FFH ; first try 32 kbyte (WD8003EBT)
mov bh,sm_rstop_ptr ; or what is available
dec bh
dec bx ; use even address
cli ; disable interrupts
mov cx,es:[bx] ; save old memory contents
mov word ptr es:[bx],05A5Ah ; put testpattern
setport EN_CCMD ; drain the board bus for any
in al,dx ; capacitive memory
cmp word ptr es:[bx],05A5Ah ; any real memory there?
jne not_our_mem ; no
setport EN_CMD ; yes
mov ax,si
and al,not EN_MEMEN
out dx,al ; turn off our memory
jmp short $+2
or al,EN_MEMEN
cmp word ptr es:[bx],05A5Ah ; was it OUR memory?
out dx,al ; turn on our memory.
jmp short $+2
mov es:[bx],cx ; restore the original contents.
jne our_mem ; yes, it wasn't there any more
not_our_mem: ; no, it was still there
shr bx,1 ; test if half as much memory
cmp bx,1FFFh ; down to 8 kbyte
jae memloop
jmp not_our_memory ; no memory at address mem_base
our_mem: ; it IS our memory!
inc bh
mov sm_rstop_ptr,bh ; # of 256 byte ring bufs + 1
mov ch,bh
xor cl,cl
mov ax,mem_base
call memory_test ; check all of that memory
je mem_ok
jmp no_memory

public print_parameters
mov di,offset int_no
mov dx,offset int_no_name
call print_number
mov di,offset io_addr
mov dx,offset io_addr_name
call print_number
mov di,offset mem_base
mov dx,offset mem_base_name
call print_number

mov dx,offset nic_name ;print the number in decimal.
mov ah,9
int 21h
mov ax,nic_number
xor dx,dx
call decout
call crlf


include memtest.asm
include occupied.asm

code ends