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Supplement to Release 11.x of the Crynwr Packet Driver Collection

The files in this archive replace files in the 11.x release.

3C509.ASM Driver for 3COM 3C509. The version number was incorrect in 11.x
82595.INC Include file for LAN595.ASM, defining symbols particular to 82595.
AT1500.COM Driver for Allied-Telesis 1500T and 1500BT
HOWTOGET.IT Instructions on obtaining the full 11.x driver set.
LAN595.ASM Driver for boards using Intel's 82595
LANCE.ASM Include file for drivers based on AMD's LANCE and PC-Net/ISA.
NE2100.COM Driver for Novell NE2100 and other PC-Net/ISA adapters.
NI6510.COM Driver for Racal/Interlan NI6510.
PKTWATCH.ASM Program to display packets as they arrive.
README.GEN This file
SMC_WD.ASM Driver for Western Digital WD-80?3*, SMC Elite series, and
SMC_WD.COM IBM Ethernet Adapter/A, and SMC Elite/16 Ultra.

For the entire packet driver collection, along with the exact details

of the copyright (COPYING.DOC), see HOWTOGET.IT for availability.

For the copyright, see COPYING.DOC. In part it says that: Anyone
with a copy of the drivers may give it away, and the source code for
all modules must be available.

NO WARRANTY, see COPYING.DOC, but support for packet drivers is
available, see SUPPORT.DOC.


A packet driver has at least one parameter. The usage message will
tell you what additional parameters are needed. You can get the
usage message by running the driver with no parameters.

The first parameter is the software interrupt. A packet
driver needs to have a software interrupt assigned to it for other
programs to access it. I recommend 0x7e.

Additional parameters often include the hardware irq, the I/O
address, and the memory base address. All parameters must be
specified in C-style representation. Decimal is expressed as 11,
hexadecimal is expressed as 0x0B, octal is expressed as 013. Any
numbers that the packet driver prints will be in the same notation.


Please report problems. I cannot guarantee that I will work on your
problem if you are not a Crynwr customer. I CAN guarantee that I
will not work on it if you don't report it to me. Written reports
are preferred to phone calls.

Russell Nelson
[email protected]
315-268-1925 voice
315-268-9201 FAX
Crynwr Software, 11 Grant St., Potsdam, NY 13676