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Filename : UBNICPS2.ASM

Output of file : UBNICPS2.ASM contained in archive : PKTD11B.ZIP

version equ 1

include defs.asm

;Ported from Tim Krauskopf's micnet.asm, an assembly language
;driver for the MICOM-Interlan NI5210 by Russell Nelson. Any bugs
;are due to Russell Nelson.
;3c523 version Dan Lanciani [email protected]* (received 5-18-89)
;Added Brad Clements' 1500 byte MTU, Russell Nelson.
;Changed it into a UB NIC-PS/2 driver, 10/90

; Copyright 1990-1992, Russell Nelson, Crynwr Software

; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
; the Free Software Foundation, version 1.
; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
; GNU General Public License for more details.
; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
; along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
; Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

code segment word public
assume cs:code, ds:code

; Equates for controlling the ubnicps2 board
IO_CSR equ 0
IO_CA equ 1

public int_no
int_no db 3,0,0,0 ; interrupt number
io_addr dw 300h,0 ; I/O address for card
base_addr dw 0d000h,0 ; RAM segment for board
eprom_addr dw 0c000h,0 ; EPROM segment for board

public driver_class, driver_type, driver_name, driver_function, parameter_list
driver_class db BLUEBOOK, IEEE8023, 0 ;from the packet spec
driver_type db 41 ;from the packet spec
driver_name db "UB NIC-PS2",0 ;name of the driver.
driver_function db 2
parameter_list label byte
db 1 ;major rev of packet driver
db 9 ;minor rev of packet driver
db 14 ;length of parameter list
db EADDR_LEN ;length of MAC-layer address
dw GIANT ;MTU, including MAC headers
dw MAX_MULTICAST * EADDR_LEN ;buffer size of multicast addrs
dw 0 ;(# of back-to-back MTU rcvs) - 1
dw 0 ;(# of successive xmits) - 1
int_num dw 0 ;Interrupt # to hook for post-EOI
;processing, 0 == none,

; connect to network
setport IO_CSR ; enable network
in al,dx
and al,not 2 ;turn off loopback.
or al,8 ;turn on 82586 interrupts.
out dx,al

; Reset the chip
setport IO_CSR
in al,dx
or al,1
out dx,al ; reset the chip
jmp $+2
jmp $+2
jmp $+2
and al,not 1
out dx,al ; done resetting the chip
jmp $+2
jmp $+2
jmp $+2

;we may be called from places in which ds is unknown.
assume ds:nothing
setport IO_CA
out dx, al
assume ds:code
;yet, we really should assume ds==code for the rest of this stuff.

; Here we include the code that is common between 82586 implementations.
; Everything above this is resident.
include 82586.asm
; Everything below this is discarded upon installation.

public usage_msg
usage_msg db "usage: ubnicps2 [options] ",CR,LF,'$'

public copyright_msg
copyright_msg db "Packet driver for the ubnicps2, version ",'0'+(majver / 10),'0'+(majver mod 10),".",'0'+version,".",'0'+i82586_version,CR,LF,'$'

mov SCP,0 ; 16 bit bus type in scb.

no_ubnicps2_msg db "No ubnicps2 found in the system",CR,LF,'$'

public parse_args
; search all slots for a ubnicps2 card
mov cx, 8 ; for all channels(slots)

; channel select value for slots 0,1,2.. is 8,9,A etc
; start with slot 0, and then 7,6,5,4,3,2,1
mov ax, cx ; channel number
or ax, 08h ; reg. select value
out 96h, al ; select channel

; read adapter id
mov dx, 101h
in al, dx ; adapter id - ms byte
mov ah, al
dec dx
in al, dx ; adapter id - ls byte

; Check if ubnicps2
cmp ax, 0eff5h
je get_10
loop get_05

mov dx,offset no_ubnicps2_msg
mov ah,9
int 21h

; found our Adapter

; Get ubnicps2 I/O address
mov dx,102h
in al,dx
mov bl,al
xor bh,bh
shl bx,1 ;should start at bit 2, now at bit 1.
and bx,1ch
or bx,1540h
mov io_addr,bx

; Set ubnicps2 IRQ. Unbelievably, it only uses interrupt number 3.
mov int_no,3

; Get ubnicps2 RAM address
mov dx,103h
in al,dx
xor bl,bl
mov bh,al ;put it in the high byte.
mov cl,4
shl bx,cl
mov base_addr,bx

; Get ubnicps2 EPROM address
mov dx,104h
in al,dx
xor bl,bl
mov bh,al ;put it in the high byte.
mov cl,4
shl bx,cl
mov eprom_addr,bx

; Get ubnicps2 RAM address bits.
mov dx,105h
in al,dx
mov bl,al
xor bh,bh
mov cl,10-0 ;should start at bit 10, now at bit 0.
shl bx,cl
and bx,0c00h
or base_addr,bx

; Get ubnicps2 EPROM address bits.
mov dx,105h
in al,dx
mov bl,al
xor bh,bh
mov cl,10-2 ;should start at bit 10, now at bit 2.
shl bx,cl
and bx,0c00h
or eprom_addr,bx

mov dx, 102h
in al,dx
or al,1 ;enable the card.
out dx,al

xor al,al
out 96h,al ;deselect the card.

mov di,offset int_no
call get_number
mov di,offset io_addr
call get_number
mov di,offset base_addr
call get_number

int_no_name db "Interrupt number ",'$'
io_addr_name db "I/O port ",'$'
base_addr_name db "Memory address ",'$'

public print_parameters
mov di,offset int_no
mov dx,offset int_no_name
call print_number
mov di,offset io_addr
mov dx,offset io_addr_name
call print_number
mov ax,memory_begin
mov cl,4
shr ax,cl
add base_addr,ax
push ax
mov di,offset base_addr
mov dx,offset base_addr_name
call print_number
pop ax
sub base_addr,ax

;get the address of the interface.
;enter with es:di -> place to get the address, cx = size of address buffer.
;exit with nc, cx = actual size of address, or cy if buffer not big enough.
assume ds:code
push ds ;save ds.
mov ds,eprom_addr ;point to the eprom.
mov si,10h
lodsw ;we have to get words,
stosb ; and store bytes.
loop get_address_1 ; go back for rest
pop ds

include memtest.asm

code ends