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Archive   : PKTD11B.ZIP

Output of file : PRINTNUM.ASM contained in archive : PKTD11B.ZIP

;put into the public domain by Russell Nelson, [email protected]

public print_number
;enter with dx -> dollar terminated name of number, di ->dword.
;exit with the number printed and the cursor advanced to the next line.
mov ah,9 ;print the name of the number.
int 21h
mov al,'0'
call chrout
mov al,'x'
call chrout
mov ax,[di] ;print the number in hex.
mov dx,[di+2]
call dwordout
mov al,' '
call chrout
mov al,'('
call chrout
mov ax,[di] ;print the number in decimal.
mov dx,[di+2]
call decout
mov al,')'
call chrout
call crlf