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The following people have put resources into improving packet drivers.
Order of listing is more or less chronological. Email addresses may
not longer be current, and in fact, some are not.

John Romkey , who created the spec in the first place.
James van Bokkelen , who is maintaining the spec.
Karl Auerbach , who adapted MIT's PC/IP to use the packet
driver spec and wrote a packet driver for the TRW-2000.
Phil Karn , who added a packet driver interface to
his code, and supplied C code for the 3c501 and SLIP8250 drivers.
Bill Doster , who wrote a NI5010 driver in C for
Phil Karn's net.
Russell Nelson , who created the packet driver
skeleton and adapted several existing drivers to it.
Bob Clements , who wrote the WD8003E and 3c503 drivers.
Brad Clements , who adapted NCSA Telnet to use the
packet driver spec.
(Bob and Brad are not related.)
The Wollongong Group, in the person of Leo J. McLaughlin (now ,
which has committed to supporting the spec.
3Com, in the person of , has been helpful
in getting 3Com's documention to packet driver authors.
Dan Lanciani , who wrote the 3c523 driver.
Denis DeLaRoca , who added hardware handshake
to the SLIP8250 driver.
John Grover , who optimized the SLIP8250 driver to
work at 38.4 Kbps.
Rainer Toebbicke who wrote the BICC Isolan driver.
Jan Engvald LDC , who improved the wd8003e driver,
and added MicroChannel support.
Krishnan Gopalan and
Gregg Stefancik of Clemson University Engineering
Computer Operations, who wrote the packet driver for the 3c505 card.
Vance Morrison added starlan support to the wd8003e
Brian Fisher , who wrote an "Ethernet" packet driver
for the IBM Token Ring Adapter card.
Eric Henderson of Brigham Young University, who wrote
a packet driver for Novell's NE1000 and NE2000.
Joe Doupnik improved head.asm by adding some comments and
brought it further into line with the PDS, added promiscuous mode to
the wd8003e driver, and modified the PC/IP netwatch to use packet
David Horne <[email protected]>, who wrote a packet driver for Novell's
Michael Haberler , who wrote an IP over NetBIOS packet
Paul Kranenburg , who wrote an IP over IPX packet
David E. Johnson , who fixed the 3c505 driver.
James A. Harvey , who fixed the AT test in tail.asm
and the 3c503 lockup problem.
Anto Prijosoesilo , who fixed a bug related to DMA in
the ni6510 driver.
John Mann , who submitted some code to delay the
etopen and convert between Novell's pseudo IEEE 802.3 packets and
Ethernet packets.
Drew Daniel Perkins , who designed and implemented
as_send_pkt (asynchronous send) for the wd8013ebt, and improved
pktsend in the process
Katie Stevens , who wrote a LocalTalk driver.
Steven Wallace , who added a hack for MS-Windows.
Reinhard Strebler , who hacked on termin, and slip8250.
Martin Knoblauch , who fixed ni5010 promiscuous mode.
Tobias Reber , who fixed the 3c523.
Gregory T Small , who found a bug in the packet
interrupt verification.
Dave Price wrote a packet driver for the Mitel
Express ISDN card.
Doug Smith ported the ni6510 driver to the
depca card.
Don Provan fixed a bug in the -n switch code.
John Baird wrote some ipxpkt documentation.
Sylvan Butler fixed two bugs in ubnicpc.
Markku Toijala who submitted a packet driver for
the ICL EtherTeam16 (formerly Nokia Data), and some fixes for
Chris Elmquist, , who modified the Tiara packet driver
to work on the Multitech EN301.
Michael Martineau submitted modifications
to the SLIP8250 driver to make it a simulated Ethernet
driver, calling it ETHERSL.

New additions to the list of names and email addresses of
contributors are now in CHANGES.DOC.

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