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The following freely copyable software supports the packet driver
spec. All of these files are available to customers of Crynwr
Software (see SUPPORT.DOC) for a nominal copying fee. All of the
following directory names and files are valid as of September 9, 1993.

The Packet Driver Specification, version 1.09

The Crynwr collection of packet drivers.

SimTel's msdos/pktdrvr/00index.txt
SimTel's msdos/pktdrvr/
SimTel's msdos/pktdrvr/
SimTel's msdos/pktdrvr/

NCSA's Telnet.

CUTCP, Rutger's version of Clarkson's version of NCSA Telnet.

Archie, Clarkson's archie client

Charon, IPX - TCP/IP email/printer gateway.

PDEther, Don Provan's ODI-over-packet-driver shim.

Odipkt, Dan Lanciani's packet-driver-over-ODI shim.

Oditrpkt, Ben James' packet-driver-over-ODI-token-ring shim. It
makes an ODI token ring driver appear as Ethernet to the
packet driver client.

Phil Karn's TCP/IP package (freely copyable only for radio amateurs and
educational institutions. Others should contact him.)

Phil's latest version of NOS is always available for FTP from
Also get rcs:

Many people also publish modified versions of NOS:*

BYU's older packet driver IPX.COM.

A copy is kept in SimTel's msdos/pktdrvr/

Intel's newer packet driver IPX.COM.

A copy is kept in SimTel's msdos/pktdrvr/

Vance Morrison's PCROUTE and PCBRIDGE.

NuPOP, Phil `pib' Burns POP/FTP/Telnet/Finger/Gopher client.

IRC, an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client.

TRUMPET, an NNTP newsreader.

TRUMPET is a DOS based news reader which has a nice
front-end. It does NOT require Windows, but only requires a
packet driver.

The release as of this writing is 1.06b. Note that the version
number is reflected in the filename.

TRUMPET WinSock, a shareware winsock-compatible Windows TCP/IP stack

SLIPPER and CSLIPPER, SLIP packet drivers

Jan Engvald's PDCLKSET, a program to set the time on a PC from a TIME server.

It can use BOOTP to supply IP number and other info.
PDCLKSET can assign the proper normal or dls timezone name to
an environment variable (TZ is used by most systems).
There is also a powerful buildt in ping client and server.
The PDTBUILD program, which is included in the ZIP package, looks
at all ARP broadcasts and generates a table with all the IP hosts
on this (sub)net.

PDCLKxxx.ZIP is available at SimTel's msdos/pktdrvr/
and at

Columbia University's Kermit:

MS-KERMIT 3.13 and up includes a TCP/IP telnet client.

Harry Stox's DLLPKT, a shim that implements a packet driver over

Brian Angus's PKTDLL (effectively an assembly language TSR rewrite of
DLLPKT) loads over any DLL driver to provide a packet driver API.*

IPXTCPIP, Jerzy Tarasiuk's automatic IP assigner

A copy is kept in SimTel's msdos/pktdrvr/

Broadcast, Kai Getrost's PC Broadcast client. Broadcast is a
Macintosh talk program.

The release as of this writing is 1.1. Note that the version
number is reflected in the filename.

CIRCA RARP server, a program to automatically assign IP addresses
based on Ethernet address.

UNC's WAIS client.*

Joe Doupnik's version of Dan Lanciani's Harvard version of CMU's version of MIT's PC-IP.

Dan Lanciani's Harvard version of CMU's version of MIT's PC-IP.

The source for PC-IP is available from
The binaries for PC-IP compiled for packet drivers are:*.exe*.exe

Stan's Own Server (NFS server).
A version "couple of bugs fixed: IP numbers and subdirectories with
extensions)" is available from:

PC-NFS drivers.

Available from same place as Clarkson collection of packet drivers.
Look for compat.tar.Z, or (identical contents, different
archiver). Note that you need to purchase PC-NFS from Sun in order
to use this package.

NDIS shim, provides a packet driver over an NDIS driver. There are
several versions of it.[.novell] (Experimental) (Experimental)

Windows QVT Telnet

The release as of this writing is 3.81. Note that the version
number is reflected in the filename.

Erick Engele's Waterloo TCP (freely copyable TCP/IP library), telnet
server, ftp client, smtp server, whois client, finger client,
ping client/server.*

Luigi Rizzo's GNU tar modified to write over a network. (tcp-ip libraries) and (the modified tar program)

Luigi Rizzo's PCSERVER, a program to remotely access Transputer
networks via TCP/IP

Bruce Campbell's resident BOOTP service. A TSR that fakes a bootp
response, returning parameters it was given on its command line.

University of Minnesota's Gopher client. The Internet Gopher is a
distributed document delivery service. See GOPHER.DOC.

University of Minnesota's POPmail POP2 client.

POPmail is a POP2 client that will let you read your mail stored
on a machine running a POP2 server. Fetch
to decide which files to get.

University of Minnesota's SLIPDIAL.

SLIPDIAL is a program to dial a SLIP server, log in, capture
the assigned IP address, stuff it into NCSA Telnet's, and run slip8250. Fetch
to decide which files to get.

Bob Crosson's SNMP monitor. See SNMP.NOT.

Mississippi State University's LPD server.

A beta test version of a freeware LPD for MSDOS can be found
in the ftp-archive. It uses some version of Clarkson or NCSA
libraries and workes quite well in some first tests here.

DNPAP's Network analyzers.

The DNPAP ethernet monitor, using packet drivers to capture frames
from the net. Statistics are displayed on the screen. It can run
either standalone or using SNMP. It supersedes out previous monitors
Netmon, Spectre and Beholder. Contains the executables of Fergie and
Gobbler with some configuration and documentation files.

Contains full source code. You will need a Borland C compiler
to compile it. We are very interested to be kept informed
on further developments, and people who succeed in
recompiling the software. So if you do, send a mail to
[email protected]

PCS's Linda, TP/Linda parallel processing system

The release as of this writing is 1.1. Note that the version
number is reflected in the filename.

SimTel's msdos/lan/

DJGPP (free 32-bit C compiler) (coming in version 1.11).*

Merit's PPP packet driver

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