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The Crynwr packet driver collection


The Crynwr packet driver collection is available on CD-ROM, by mail,
by FTP, by email, by UUCP and by modem. The drivers are distributed
in three files:, which contains most executables and
documentation,, which contains the first half of the
remaining files, and, which contains the second half of
the remaining files.


Columbia University distributes packet drivers on PC diskette by
postal mail. 5.25-inch 360K and 3.5" 720K diskettes are available;
please specify size. Two diskette sets are available, and two prices
are quoted for each; the first price is for the USA, Canada, and
Mexico; the second price is for shipment to all other countries. All
prices are in US dollars. Prepayment by check, MasterCard, or Visa
is accepted. If your check is not drawn on a US bank, please add $35
check-cashing fee.

1. Binaries and documentation: $35 / $40
2. Source code: $60 / $68

To order by credit card, please specify MasterCard or Visa, your card
number and expiration date, and sign and date your order. For further
information, call +1 212 854-3703, or write to:

Kermit Distribution, Dept PD
Columbia University Academic Information Systems
612 West 115th Street
New York, NY 10025

or send e-mail to [email protected] (Internet) or KERMIT@CUVMA


The packet driver collection has its own directory devoted to it in
the SimTel collection, msdos/pktdrvr. The drivers are there, along
with a number of programs that use the packet drivers.

For security reasons the SimTel Software Repository is located on a
host that is not accessible by Internet users, however its files are
available by anonymous ftp from the primary mirror site OAK.Oakland.Edu
( located in Rochester, Michigan, and from the secondary
mirror sites:

St. Louis, MO: (
Corvallis, OR: (
Falls Church, VA: (
Australia: (
England: (
Finland: (
Germany: (
Israel: (
Switzerland: (
Taiwan: (

SimTel files may obtained by e-mail from various ftp-mail servers
or through the BITNET/EARN file servers. For details see file
/pub/msdos/filedocs/mailserv.inf. Gopher users can access the
collection through Gopher.Oakland.Edu. World Wide Web (WWW) and
Mosaic users can connect to the URL to
access the files on OAK.Oakland.Edu.


If you cannot access them via FTP or e-mail, most SimTel MSDOS
files, including the PC-Blue collection, are also available for
downloading from Detroit Download Central (313) 885-3956. DDC
has multiple lines which support 300/1200/2400/9600/14400 bps
(103/212/V22bis/HST/V32bis/V42bis/MNP). This is a subscription system
with an average hourly cost of 17 cents. It is also accessable on
Telenet via PC Pursuit and on Tymnet via StarLink outdial. New files
uploaded to SimTel are usually available on DDC within 24 hours.


Title: Packet Driver, WinSock & TCP/IP CD-ROM (aka Packet Driver CD)
Price: US$29.95/each

Brochures and order forms for the CD (paper and electronic versions)
will be available from:

FAX: 604-874-1431
Phone: 604-874-1430
Postal: CD Publishing Corporation
4824 Fraser Street
Vancouver, B.C. V5V 4H4


The packet driver files are available from UUNET's 1-900-GOT-SRCS, in
uunet!~/systems/msdos/simtel20/pktdrvr. Contact UUNET for more details:

UUNET Technologies, Inc.
3110 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 570
Falls Church, VA 22042
+1 703 204 8000 (voice)
+1 703 204 8001 (fax)
[email protected]


Steve Kennedy's BBS is on +44 71 483 2454 (Telebit T2500 PEP/V32 ...)
2455 (USR HST/DS+)

Files will be in /pub
there will be an anonymous uucp (nuucp) account.

System name is "marvin"

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