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Notes on using the 3c507 network card with ICETCP

The card is SOFTWARE CONFIGURED. This means that the port address, irq,
memory address, memory size and rom address (normally not used) are
set in a configuration program called 3c507.exe which comes with the

The configuration program may not immediatly recognize the board
if there are io port conflicts in the machine. In this case the command
should be given as
3C507 /B:###
where ### is the address in hex of the board's desired port
location. It should then be possible to bring up the configuration program
the normal way by just typing 3c507 .

The card can be configured using the menu option "set
configuration". Possible problems are, as always:

The irq line used cannot be shared with other devices


The shared memory address must not conflict with other memory mapped
devices or drivers, (such as qemm-386). This is a little more difficult
than usual because the board has a large buffer. If you want to use it to
it's fullest, you need a 64k block of open space in the C000-EFFF area. If
there isn't a gap that large available, then a smaller buffer (as small as
16k is possible) should be used.


The zero wait state and turbo options can also cause problems.
On some machines, these will options will not work with the packet driver.
On some machines, these will also not work with NDIS. With both options
turned off, everything will work. We recommend starting with both options
off and running the diagnostics part of the 3c507.exe program to see if
everything is working. Then, after all software (ICE.TCP) is running,
the zero wait state and turbo options can be tried. The diagnostics part of
3c507.exe is a good test for these options.

Even though the board is totally software configured, the packet
driver for the 3c507 (3c507.COM, unfortunately the same name as the
configuration program) needs to know all of the parameters set in the
configuration of the board. The NDIS driver does not need these parameters.
If the packet driver fails, check the parameters for the packet driver to
verify that you entered the same ones as when you configured the board. If it
still doesn't work, check to see that the turbo and zero wait state options
are turned off. If it still doesn't load, check for irq, port and memory
address conflicts.

Finally, the 3COM configuration program for the board WILL NOT RUN if
there are any active drivers (just freezes). If you need to reconfigure,
remove the packet or ndis drivers from your autoexec.bat or
config.sys files FIRST.

(C) 1991, James River Group, Inc, Minneapolis MN USA

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